Monday, December 10, 2007

Snake Style #3 -- Coiling

This may look kinda' odd, but what a great drill! This exercize will be great for learning to aquire locks on the wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck. Wrapping and coiling around the opponent's limbs, much like the snake...
This is from the Tallahasse Shaolin school, maybe some of you Florida Dojo Rats know who they are, Thanks for the drill!


Hand2Hand said...

It looks like he's doing chi sao with himself.

Seriously, I am impressed with his upper body softness and flexibility. I think it would be great for chi sao, tui shou or chin na. I may try to learn that drill from the video.

JoseFreitas said...

WOW!! That guy is awesome.

I have a similar drill, but we stop at the elbow, more or less, I had never seen it done so well and involving so much of the upper body. Cool.

I practice a Snake Fist my teacher learned, a combo of southern and northern styles. It has two forms, plus a third my teacher created combining internal stuff from Taiji and Bagua with Snake. It also has a bunch of drills like this one. I had forgotten how important this style was for the development of my Push Hands skills, way back in the mid-90's.