Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Professor Wally Jay: Small-Circle Jujitsu

"Dance Of Pain"

The stand-up grappling skills we learned at our Dojo are directly from Professor Wally Jay and his son Leon Jay. Wally Jay revolutionized traditional jujitsu by integrating "Small-Circle" aspects into techniques. My Dojo training partner studied directly with Leon in London, and brought us many of the various lock-flow drills we have shown on video. The concepts taught by the Jays enhance any joint locking techniques, reflect many of the elements within Chinese grappling systems, and have been adopted by instructors such as George Dillman in what he now calls "Okinawan Tuite". We are shown in a picture on the right of this Blog With Leon Jay and Stan Miller, a Portland Dojo owner.
In the video above, Wally Jay demonstrates finger and wrist control techniques in his "Dance of pain". This one might be good for the club bouncers also.


Reeling said...

Dance of pain eh? Looks like a very apt title to me. Excellent stuff.

Rick Fryer said...

Kudos to the 'uke'!

It takes a lot of guts (or maybe stupidity) to let Wally Jay demonstrate on you.

Great video.