Friday, September 21, 2007

Line "Em Up !

Turkish Streetfight

Su Dong Chen

Last night I introduced two students to how to apply the rooting and yielding learned in fixed-step push hands to a person giving them "random movement". The aggressor just moves at half-speed into them, not hitting, but just giving the other person "random movement". The defender can try rooting, yeilding, peng, rollback, etc. This is an intro to something like Aikido Randori, at a very basic level, and emphisis is put on staying relaxed. A great pace for students to experiment and learn. At the end, I had them both come at me. I did my best to not get caught between them, and was successful at "lining them up". Keep moving, never get caught in the middle, and line your opponents up so you only have to deal with one at a time. If possible, use one as a shield against others and a weapon against the others. Back in the old Tae kwon Do days this was pretty tough with three attackers coming at you.
Look at the first video. This Turkish guy obviously has good rooting and hitting skills, sticks and moves, and takes the fight to the crowd. Great movement, he is able to nail these guys in unstable positions and knocks them down.
The second video is of a skilled Chinese master using similar movement against multiple attackers... He definately works these guys over!


Reeling said...

Hi DJR, impressive clips. There is certainly no denying the skill of the guy in the Turkish clip.

I did notice though that at the very end of the chinese master clip, just before the count reaches 00:00, the guy in the white t-shirt looks as though he is just standing with his arm out waiting to be thrown by his master. A little choreography maybe?

Dojo Rat said...

I think it may be a little of "the master is kicking our ass syndrome"
The students are clearly overwhelmed.
Dojo Rat

JoseFreitas said...

Here's a great drill, courtesy of Bob Klein (from his book Movements of Magic).

One student puts on a helmet, and puts his hands behind his back or tied to his sides/belt. The other student puts on a pair of boxing gloves and gently punches the hell out of him. Keep it at moderate pace, don't throw too hard punches. Defender gets to try dodging, slamming into his attacker, sticking (my favorite), evasion, whatever. This is great for footwork. Attacker can have the goal of punching or pushing the defender hard enough to send him to the ground, but shouldn't be allowed to push with two hands. Once students are comfortable with this drill (I am not saying they'll be good!) add more attackers! It's a good idea to have a referee to stop the action if it gets too... "hot".

Another drill which is a precursor to this one, but also has separate components. Both players tie a strip of paper or soft tissue to their right wrist. It should be loose enough that you can slip your fingers between the strip and the wrist. The goal is to get the other guy's strip of paper without having him take yours away. It's tough and really trains hand speed and evasion.

Su Dong Cheng is known for pounding very hard on his students. He was a student of Hong I Hsiang and began going to full contact tournaments at the age of 16. One time, Hong had to go get him from the jail in time for a tournament, he had been arrested for being in a fight drunk the night before.

There are some good clips of him doing Push Hands where you can see he is quite good.

[Mat] said...

First video is impressive.

Leave him alone!

Anonymous said...

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