Friday, September 28, 2007

French Farmers Battle It Out

This cracked me up! Some old farmer with a tractor in a French village and guys in a truck have a heated dispute over who will pass down a narrow street. It turns out that all these guys are packing walking sticks and a stick battle ensued. If any of these guys knew any real techniques, there might have been some serious damage. The farmer with the tractor looks about seventy years-old, and after he is disarmed he goes back to the tractor for his "back-up" weapon!


uchi deshi said...

Pretty funny. Moral of the story - always carry a back-up.

Bob Patterson said...

Sticks don't kill people. Only stupid people with sticks do.


I'm surprised the old fart didn't have a heart attack.


JoseFreitas said...

It was also fairly obvious everyone was fairly non-commital. Pretty much all of them refrained from actually attempting to hurt the others. But this could have turned serious fast, if the old guy had hit anyone in the head with his second stick, which looked heavier.

[Mat] said...


a stick battle!

surprising to see.