Monday, September 17, 2007

Old Geezer Fights

Purse-To-Purse Combat

Aging Stallions... And The Office Smackdown

Well, last post we focused on a 114-year-old Tai Chi Chuan Master. Today, we look into the world of pissed-off geezers. In example one, "purse-to purse combat", a dynamic weapon system is displayed. Note that the weight of the weapon and the repeated use of the weapon surpass sophisticated technique.
In example two, we have first "the aging stallions". The Geezer in the white shirt is clearly defending himself, and through skilled angle positioning, he lands the knockdown punch. Adding insult to injury, he lashes out at his fallen opponent with a threatening backfist.
And finally, in "the office smackdown",come on, ladies. Tell me you haven't wanted to really let that gossiping bitch really have it! Look at the other office workers; they think she deserved it! A good hammer-fist to the cheekbone will settle any office disputes... and get you fired. But everybody will be buying you drinks at McTipsey's Bar and Grill afterward!


Bob Patterson said...

One day nursing homes will fear us!


Reeling said...

I'll have fifty on the old girl in blue ;-)