Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cute Hippie Chick of the Month: The New Gypsies

From "The Huffington Post":

"London based photographer Iain McKell offers an extraordinary glimpse into the lives of a real and raw group of present-day nomads whose culture is built around ideals of freedom, nature, and simplicity. The New Gypsies are British horse drawn travelers. The movement began in 1986 when a group of Post-Punk Anti-Thatcher protesters headed out of London into the English countryside.
Iain McKell spent the last 10 years documenting and living with travelers of all ages: parents, children, couples and loners."

You gotta' admit, these girls are beautiful and live free. The term Gypsy appears to have lost it's racial stigma, as anyone from any culture is free to join this lifestyle.

I predict we will be seeing a lot of this in America's not-so-distant future.
As large urban areas become more dysfunctional people will begin fleeing back to the prairies and farmland of middle-America. For years those rural farms and towns have lost population as youth moved to urban cities with the promise of jobs and adventure.
Soon, things will become to dangerous and expensive in the city, and a new "back to the land" movement will begin.


Journeyman said...

Cute - but I'm afraid that for real gypsies the racial stigma has not gone away. Here in the UK there is a notorious stand-off between a local council, supported by some red-neck 'residents' and a traveller's community that they have been trying to evict for years. See

Dojo Rat said...

Thanks Journeyman,
I hope they can keep it together, we need more alternative scenes like this with the corporate bankrobbers imposing austerity.
Here in the states there is so much land it might work different, but as you point out local governments can be a bitch to deal with.
I think a good model would be large farms that might start co-ops with live-in self-sustaining communities.
Even with that, communal living could be a challenge, but the Dale Farm has shown a great degree of cooperation.