Thursday, September 8, 2011

Palin' Around With Terrorists

George W. Bush with Saudi Prince Abdullah

As we approach the ten year anniversary of the 911 attacks, with the successful hit on alleged mastermind Osama Bin Laden, questions abound.
Information is not trickling in, the floodgates have opened and we are witnessing an information dump. None of these revelations seem to be related to the killing of Bin Laden, but more reflections of the guilty consciousnesses of Government investigators and officials.

In a seventeen-page article appearing in "Vanity Fair" titled "The Kingdom and the Towers" Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan detail how the Saudi Royal family clearly funded and provided intelligence to the 911 hijackers. Not only that, but the Pakistani I.S.I. intelligence service was likely involved long before they hid and protected Bin Laden in a comfortable military suburb.

John Farmer, Dean of Rutgers Law School and senior council to the 911 Commission knows the Commission was a cover-up:

"At some level of government,” says Dean Farmer, “at some point in time, a decision was made not to tell the truth about the national response to the attacks on the morning of 9/11." (Rutgers Link)

The Bush family has always "palled around with terrorists". George W's grandfather Prescott had his bank shut down for trading with the enemy (Nazi Germany) in World War Two. George Bush senior secretly funded the Contras in Nicaragua, terrorists by any definition. The Bush family has had long-standing ties with the Bin Laden family.
From "In these Times":

"In 1979, Bush’s first business, Arbusto Energy, obtained financing from James Bath, a Houstonian and close family friend. One of many investors, Bath gave Bush $50,000 for a 5 percent stake in Arbusto. At the time, Bath was the sole U.S. business representative for Salem bin Laden, head of the wealthy Saudi Arabian family and a brother (one of 17) to Osama bin Laden."

The implication is clearly that the seed money for Bush's oil company came directly from the Bin Laden family.

But I digress; In Summers' "The Kingdom and the Towers", nobody is more critical than 911 Commission member and former Senator Bob Graham:

"Congress’s Joint Inquiry, its co-chair Bob Graham told the authors, had found evidence “that the Saudis were facilitating, assisting, some of the hijackers. And my suspicion is that they were providing some assistance to most if not all of the hijackers. . . . It’s my opinion that 9/11 could not have occurred but for the existence of an infrastructure of support within the United States. By ‘the Saudis,’ I mean the Saudi government and individual Saudis who are for some purposes dependent on the government—which includes all of the elite in the country.”
"Those involved, in Graham’s view, “included the royal family” and “some groups that were close to the royal family.” Was it credible that members of the Saudi royal family would knowingly have facilitated the 9/11 operation? “I think,” the former senator said, “that they did in fact take actions that were complicit with the hijackers.”
And in this bombshell criticism of Bush:

"It was,” Graham wrote, “as if the president’s loyalty lay more with Saudi Arabia than with America’s safety.” In Graham’s view, Bush’s role in suppressing important information about 9/11, along with other transgressions, should have led to his impeachment and removal from office."


Meanwhile, Dick Cheney is making a book tour attempting to re-write the 911 and Iraq war history. Cheney, who throws the rest of the entire Bush administration under the bus, admits he was actually in charge of the country.
Nothing to see here, move along now...

And as one domino tips into the next, toppling the whole series of events, Former National Security Advisor Richard Clarke claims the CIA was trying to recruit several of the 911 hijackers:

Did the CIA cover up its advance knowledge of at least two of the 9/11 hijackers?

"Richard Clarke, the national counterterrorism czar on 9/11, thinks so. In an interview for an upcoming radio documentary, Clarke claimed that top-level CIA officials deliberately withheld from the White House and the FBI knowledge as early as 2000 that two al Qaeda members - Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar - were living in San Diego.
The former anti-terror chief said he believes that the CIA kept the info under wraps because it wanted to recruit the two Saudis to serve as double agents within bin Laden's organization. Instead, the two terrorists ended up hijackers on American Flight 77. George Tenet, who was CIA director, claims that Clarke is "reckless and profoundly wrong."

Tenet, of course, is understandably covering his ass.

And the information continues to pour out. Yesterday's Miami Herald published yet more information linking the Saudi Royal Family to the hijackers and foreknowledge of the 911 attacks:

"Link to 9/11 hijackers found in Sarasota-
FBI found ties between hijackers and Saudis in Sarasota but never revealed the findings"

"Just two weeks before the 9/11 hijackers slammed into the Pentagon and World Trade Center, members of a Saudi family abruptly vacated their luxury home near Sarasota, leaving a brand new car in the driveway, a refrigerator full of food, fruit on the counter — and an open safe in a master bedroom."
"In the weeks to follow, law enforcement agents not only discovered the home was visited by vehicles used by the hijackers, but phone calls were linked between the home and those who carried out the death flights — including leader Mohamed Atta — in discoveries never before revealed to the public."
"Former U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, the Florida Democrat who co-chaired the congressional Joint Inquiry into the attacks, said he should have been told about the findings, saying it “opens the door to a new chapter of investigation as to the depth of the Saudi role in 9/11. ... No information relative to the named people in Sarasota was disclosed.”
"The fact that the FBI did not tell the Inquiry about the Florida discoveries, Graham says, is similar to the agency’s failure to provide information linking members of the 9/11 terrorist team to other Saudis in California until congressional investigators discovered it themselves.
The Inquiry did nevertheless accumulate a “very large” file on the hijackers in the United States, and later turned it over to the 9/11 Commission. “They did very little with it,” Graham said, “and their reference to Saudi Arabia is almost cryptic sometimes. … I never got a good answer as to why they did not pursue that.”
The final 28-page section of the Inquiry’s report, which deals with “sources of foreign support for some of the Sept. 11 hijackers,” was entirely blanked out. It was kept secret from the public on the orders of former President George W. Bush and is still withheld to this day, Graham said."

History will not be kind to the legacy of the Bush family.

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