Sunday, September 18, 2011

Archery Experts

From YouTube:
"Hungarian archer and boyer Lajos Kassai shoots 12 arrows in just 18 seconds."

Pretty damned cool.
And dangerous.
It's kind of funny how guys that train together develop the same habits. My brother gave me an English longbow last year and we had a great time shooting it. Recently, three of my training partners have started shooting bows also. This was completely unplanned, just seems to be a natural transition into a deeper level of martial weaponry. One of our guys is making his own arrowheads out of native rock and building a bow from local wood - native style. His goal is to take a deer with his home built rig this fall. These are the kind of survival skills most people never experience.

Check out this shot:

And who doesn't like this view?


BSM said...

I wonder how many of those 12 hit the target? I tried stopping the vid. but cannot tell.

Back in my youth I played with both a compound bow and re-curve short bow.

We used them to shoot river carp!

Been decades since I pulled a bow. :-(

Dojo Rat said...

I think they all hit. That guy would be hell on a horse in a good fight...

BSM said...

Agreed. When I saw the vid. it reminded me of Native Americans. I bet they had similar skill.

Cool stuff!

Brown Dragon said...

Bald guys with recurve bows rule.

steve-vh said...

Certain Native American SouthWest Tribes would hang from the saddle and devastatingly shoot from under the horses neck using the horse as shield.

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