Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Xingyi Two-Man Drill

Sifu Rudy and B.T. Novell
Here we begin a study of a great Xingyi two-man drill. While I've learned the 88-movement two-man San Shou form from Tai Chi Chuan, I have not practiced this Xingyi two-man drill yet.
Sifu Rudy and B.T. (Novell) get us started with a basic explanation of the movements, slow enough that we can understand what's going on.

Mike Patterson and student
Now, we see Mike Patterson demonstrating this form, and it adds a whole new level of intensity to the training.
This is why I love live, continuous movement training drills. Sure, it is holding to a pattern, but think about this:
When we were in TKD or Kenpo, I watched students blow a three-movement self-defense drill. They would un-wind from the position they stopped in, and attempt to start the drill again. There was no spontaineity of movement and because they blew the simple drill they had no back-up plan such as evading another attack. On the other hand, drills like the ones in this post allow for non-stop movement and encourage free action when necessary. Thats a very good thing, providing one has the basics.

Master Shouyu Liang and Sam Maisch

Now we see the form, or a more advanced version in action. Kicks are included. It's very stylized but beautiful and powerful at the same time.
I had the pleasure of meeting Sam Maisch when he visited our little island and taught a push-hands workshop. He is very, very skilled and one of the nicest instructors I've trained with. I hope to practice with him again some time...

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