Friday, October 16, 2009

The Strength Of The Rat Is The Pack

To paraphrase (or mis-quote) Kipling, "The strength of the Pack is the Rat, but the strength of the Rat is the Pack". We had the occasion to get our little Dojo in order with all of the Dojo Rats actually in uniform and ready to rock-and-roll. It was Tommy T's 51st birthday, and young Zac is leaving to teach in Japan for a year.

There were reviews of techniques, a few Beers, some stickfighting and sparring, more Beers, and a spontaneous demonstration of The Wudang Saber Form we are learning. This was a difficult form for me, it is very long and complex. I screwed the ending up just a bit, but not bad for early days. After the movements are perfected, the form is done much faster and more aggressively. This is at Taiji speed, so we can stay together.

The gathering was also attended by the Wives (Rat'ets) and Girlfriends (Rat'lets) of the younger Dojo members. There was tons of great food, lots of Beer, Wine and Sake, and a few gifts for Tom as well as a new Saber for Zac's going away. We'll miss the little Shit, but he'll be back and he hopes to train in Aikido while in Japan.

And as per usual, we had a huge music jam that went late into the evening, with friends of the Dojo, Wives and Girlfriends joining in.
Good news? Nobody got hurt, except my Wife who got kicked in the shin by Zac (just a bruise).
We've had a pretty steady core training group three nights-a-week for years, but it is really special when we can get everybody in the Dojo, in uniform, united in "The strength of the Pack".

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BSM said...

What a great looking Rat Pack! I really liked watching that saber form! I'm so very far away from weapons in Mantis it isn't even funny. I suspect I'll have a different job and have moved on to a new martial art long before I reach weapons in Praying Mantis. That's a very complex and beautiful saber form. I am definitely getting a nose full of complicated Chinese forms so I can relate. They are much harder than the Korean or Japanense versions IMO.

Before I'm done with this school I have to see about a group photo. I have definitely expanded my martial horizon with the Chinese side of things!

Sensei Strange said...

Looks like a joyful group. Lots of silver hair in your posse.

Sean C. Ledig said...

Looks like a fun group! One of these days, this Florida rat is going to get his ass up there to hang with you guys.

Dojo Rat said...

When you can make it, E-mail me and I'll give you the secret map to our undisclosed remote island hideout!

Kostas Tountas said...

An excellent photo, and the group members give the impression that they are serious about their art, yet free-spirited at the same time. Yin and Yang both. Again, a wonderful photo. Thanks!

Steve Perry said...

Cool. Love to root for the old guys. Thing is, since I"m older than y'all, I can't really say that here, can I?