Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kung Fu's Carradine: The Occult Connection

The jury's still out on whether "Kung Fu" and "Kill Bill" star David Carradine killed himself, or had some help.
This website, however, has pieced together some intresting and disturbing connections between the Carradine family and Aleister Crowley's OTO Satanic cult, secret societies, and sex magick.
Take a look, if you dare...

* Hat tip to James Keating @ Maajak


BSM said...

All I know is that when they have the documentary on the history channel I'll watch it. I'm still a sucker for all that UFO conspiracy stuff. :-)

Rick said...

I was making a real effort to not state something tasteless about the death of Carradine.

Frankly, I thought he was a terrible actor. As far as being a martial artist, when his role on Kung Fu was current, he insisted he was a dancer just following the choreography.

The Kung Fu series was one of the catalysts that got me interested in Asian things in the first place. He may have been a lousy actor and no martial artist, but that's enough for me.

He was a human being. May he rest in peace, and may those who loved him take some solace in his now being in a better place.

However, not that his family is putting the notion out there that he was assassinated by a secret cult of martial artists, I feel no such constraint.

It's obvious that The Imperial Guards of the Dragon Throne's Order of the Avenging Dragon finally caught up with him.

Dojo Rat said...

You forgot to use the codename:

--And don't show anybody the handshake...

Sean C. Ledig said...

Hey Rick,

Check out "Bound for Glory" if you get a chance. I think it shows that Carradine was really underrated.

Dojo Rat said...

Yes, we are big Woody Guthrie fans, and saw "Bound for Glory".
The knife fight in "the Long Riders" was my favorite though.

Rick said...

The Duellist with oneof those other Carradine's and Harvey Kietel, I think, is a terrific movie with some realistic sword play.

For knife fighting, have you ever seen a Peter Coyote film variously titled Exposure, High Art, Knifefighter, or A Grande Arte?

Maybe the Order of the Avenging Dragon sabotaged the writing for everything I've seen him in. That would be the only thing that could explain the travesty: The Legend Continues.

Steve Perry said...

Actually, I think the jury has come back. From what I've read, which includes an interview with a former wife, Carradine was into bondage and autoerotic stuff. One would think a partner necessary to do the tying and and the the, um, erotic part, but apparently that's not necessary. Carradine's ex allowed as how he could truss himself up pretty good and that she wasn't into it.

The wonder -- and horror -- of the net is that you can find almost anything if you know how to look. That includes what is supposed to be a picture from a Thai newspaper that shows the poor man's body hanging in the closet where it was found.

Was there somebody in the room helping him play? Possibly, but if so, I wouldn't expect them to come forward. The best guess now is that he pushed the game a little past the point where it was safe, and that's part of the thrill, to get right to the edge.

Sad. Moreso because whatever his career, the coda will always be part of it.

Sa Bum Nim C.C. Pieschala said...

He got clipped in a classic shake down tax deal. He stole his way to fame by getting a green belt so he could get the part because Bruce was full Chinese and he was half. Bruce's idea = mob's idea & therefore "taxable". I bet he was paying for years something myst have taken it for a twist.

As the mob says "Never screw with the cash register."

Bruce got wacked when he went from Golden Harvest to Warner Brothers. The debts of the father became the debts of the son Brandon's response of "I'm not my Dad." Means jack with the asian mob ..

I knew about Bruce long before that retched movie Dragon (BS) came out .. I even have a few mags from `74 with [name omitted] talking trash.

Don't ask me about Count Dante unless it's private or via phone but yeah on going and busier than ever.

Master C. C. Pieschala

P.S. Hey DR where have you been hiding???????

Sa Bum Nim C.C. Pieschala said...

I won't miss him .. more oxygen for the rest of us.
It would take 10 years for the light from the star of good martial artists to reach him. Sucked is too nice.