Thursday, June 18, 2009

Carradine; The Bowie Knife Fight

Here's one hell-of-a knife fight, with the late David Carradine staring as Cole Younger. The movie was a revamp of the Jesse James/Cole Younger gang and was titled "The Long Riders"
The movie actually had four sets of actor/brothers in the cast, from Wiki:

The Keaches: Jesse James (James) and Frank James (Stacy)
The Carradines: Cole Younger (David), Jim Younger (Keith) and Bob Younger (Robert)
The Quaids: Ed Miller (Dennis) and Clell Miller (Randy)
The Guests: Charley Ford (Christopher) and Robert Ford (Nicholas)
It also features an uncredited appearance by Ever Carradine, daughter of Robert Carradine and niece to David and Keith Carradine.
It was a pretty good shoot-'em-up, damned near everybody gets killed.
The Bowie knife fight was really good, with Carradine as Cole Younger facing off against Cherokee Sam Starr, and of course Belle Starr instigating the fight.
-- Years ago I read a lengthy article about David Carradine in Playboy. It talked about him and Bob Dylan going to the same Kung Fu instructor in Hollywood. Perhaps the most interesting story, sandwiched between drug binges, was that of Carradine and the "wolf pit". It seems he was in some "B" western (like the one above) and the plot called for him to fight a wolf. Well, he got a hold of Dan Haggerty, who played Grizzly Adams. Haggerty had a small pack of wolf-dogs, and loaned them to Carradine. Carradine starved the wolves for two days before the shoot. On the day of the filming, He smeared dog food all over his body, and jumped into a pit with Haggerty's wolves. He actually got hurt pretty bad in that one, and Haggerty was pissed that his wolves had been misused.


Sean C. Ledig said...

Not bloody enough, but otherwise, a great knife fight. I've always had a lot of affection for the Bowie.

Personally, the best knife fight ever was the one between Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio del Toro in "The Hunted."

Very realistic. Had a lot of good Sayoc Kali and Kalis Illustrimo.

Dojo Rat said...

Yes, I saw "The Hunted". Tommy Lee Jones looked pretty old in that, great movie - I should watch it again.

Bill Mehlman said...

Isn't that a (very young) James Remar sucking on the other end of the scarf or whatever? I liked him ever since he did "48 Hours" (which also had a scene featuring a Bowie knife).

And unless my mind is totally going, he used to bring his little daughter to the same aikido dojo where I brought my son.

There's something in his eyes . . .

Dojo Rat said...

Yes, I do believe that is James Remar, The Youtube page has a little more detail on this scene if you look it up.

phiathalberg said...

my hands and feet are sweating too much watching this is a nice bowie knife fight. Carradine looks like my dad lol