Friday, June 5, 2009

Gotta Lighten Up -- Kinda...

After Mike Martello's untimely death this week, I just can't bring myself to comment on David Carradine.

- Time to lighten up a bit; several of The Dojo Rats are traveling to visit and train with our Tai Chi Chuan instructor Michael Gilman. There will be some good thrashing followed by pints of Port Townsend IPA, perhaps the best Beer on the planet.

See ya Monday


Patrick Parker said...

"After Mike Martello's untimely death this week, I just can't bring myself to comment on David Carridine."

You know, I feel exactly the same way. I was surprised by mike's death, saddened by Charles Crist's death, and now am just numb having heard about Carradine.

Looking forward to hearing about your fieldtrip from your secret rathole hideaway!

BSM said...

I've been waiting for legit news reports before even attempting to comment.

You might want to check out my latest post:


Rick said...

I used to have one of those posters, but I gave it to a friend of mine

Sean C. Ledig said...

I did a few comments on his passing on my blog,

Sure, "Kung Fu" was pretty hokey. But it did inspire a lot of people.

Sean C. Ledig said...

Another fairly big name in martial arts died this past week as well. Shek Kin, the infamous Master Han from "Enter the Dragon" passed away at the age of 96.

That means he must have been around 60 when he played Han. He was a sifu in both Eagle Claw and Choy Li Fut styles. The late Lee Kune Hung was one of his students.

Sensei Strange said...

Best beer on the planet? Ok, I am coming up for a visit someday soon. Beer and budo - those are my things.

Dojo Rat said...

Sensei Strange:
You'd love Port Townsend.
I hear you brew beer???

Sensei Strange said...

I brew beer (mostly IPAs -stronger the better) mead, red wines, and ciders. I got ten gallons bubbling away within arms reach right now.

You don't get big and beardy without it. I know you know! You are an older version of me, by the looks of you.

I went to Portland last summer. It is a beer mecca in that area of the world. Texas is back asswards on the beer scene. Mostly because lobbyists (budweiser) passed legislation crushing small craft brewers - for the most part.

One thing I know - beer will get you through the tough times. Through the good times too. Hurray beer!

Dojo Rat said...

Sensei Strange:
You need to come to the Pacific Northwest, land of blue water and good beer.
Truth be told, I need to switch to light beer after the first three of four strong micro-brew beers. That and the occasional shot of Tequila or Vodka and Grapefruit juice get me through a long party night...