Sunday, May 24, 2009

Review: Aikido - Exercises For Teaching And Training

Now here is a nice little training book for Aikido students, instructors, or anybody practicing "Internal" martial arts.
"Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training" by C.M. Shifflett is not a picture book of complex techniques, it's a concept book of the type I look for. This book is out in a revised edition, I own the original as well and can appreciate the additions that have been included in the new version.
As an instructional manual for beginning students, the book outlines what Aikido is as far as a martial art, what to expect in training, and integrating Aikido in daily life.
For Aikido instructors, this book has lots of ideas for teaching, improvising training tools, and unique ways to explain concepts to students.
The revised edition has included more information on the pathways of Ki (Chi) through the Fascia tissues that connect all parts of the body. This appears to be a new understanding of meridian/energy theory that is recognized in a variety of recent books on Chi, such as "Wellspring", which I have reviewed HERE.
"Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training" also includes more details on muscle/skeletal injuries, releasing tensions and general physical information.
The book not only contains valuable training information, but is clever and humorous. I especially like the quotes from famous martial artists, philosophers, and authors - these are great nuggets of wisdom and fit very well with the format.
Aikido instructors would benefit from recommending this to students as part of class training information, it's not only instructional, but an enjoyable read.

"Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training" can be found at this link for Blue Snake Books, along with hundreds of other martial arts titles.

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