Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mooks And Carport Kwoons

Our fellow Florida Dojo Rat Sean Ledig, AKA "Hand2Hand" from our comments section, has booted up his blog "Tales From The Carport Kwoon". Sean is a published writer and martial artist in the Chinese arts/FMA styles, and has a post up that got me thinking about Wing Chun Mooks (Dummies).
While browsing through the links in Sean's post I found the video above, a simple log transformed into a nice durable Mook. I especially like the laminated arms which would be unbreakable, but please notice the coil-spring platform that the Mook is bolted to. This is the same idea I have for the one I want to make, hopefully sometime this summer. I've got a couple of Cedar logs that came down in our woods, and I may use natural crooks of Alder or Maple for the arms and knee.
Sean had an article published in "Inside Kung Fu" with details of the Mook/Dummy that he built, and I think we'll be seeing more about that in the future.
So go on over to "Tales From The Carport Kwoon", and let's help Sean get his new Blog rolling!


Sean C. Ledig said...

Hey DR,

Thanks for getting the word out. Also, thanks for the tips on embedding Youtube videos. I'll be making use of that.

Kostas Tountas said...

I've just visited and left my comments on Sean's blog. Good luck Sean, and thanks DR for pointing it out.