Monday, May 11, 2009

Guitar "Chicken"

"Sweet Pea" (The Garden Girl, my original), and "Wagon wheel"

Oh my Freakin' DNA...
In a failed science experiment gone very wrong, I played a game of Guitar Chicken with Steve Perry at "Old Enough To Know Better". Steve is an accomplished author, martial artist and musician.
We faced off... we pointed our guitars at each other... we mashed down the pedal, poured on the gas and went careening towards each other at breakneck speed... and I lost bigtime.
Here is Steve's first song, "One Toke Over The Line", and here is his second, a play on country music.
As you can see, Steve is very professional and can actually carry a tune. Our guys suck pretty bad, I had to just laugh my ass off... the lighting was terrible, the background noise overpowered my little camera, and the guy pretending to play the harmonica didn't even want to be there.

"Tuesday's Gone"
BWA-hahaha... Ouch!
Steve! We're not worthy!


Steve Perry said...

Hey, I'm impressed -- and with the original stuff, too. Bunch of you, all hitting the notes and chords together? I don't know how to do that -- I get confused if the dog barks while I"m playing. Why I don't do it in public ...

You win this round, plus you were having way too much fun ...

BSM said...

This will go in my ever-growing Dojo Rat Evidence File.

Dojo Rat said...

I still have the Kitchen apron picture of you!

You are being too kind. Grind me into a dusty pile of splintered Ukulele's ;-)

Sean C. Ledig said...

DR, don't sell yourself short. You get points in my book for your choice of music. "Tuesday's Gone" is my favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd tune and I am a big Skynyrd fan.

I think you did a pretty good job, too.

BTW: Did you see "Dancing With the Stars" last night? Jewel's husband, Ty Murray, and his partner did a waltz to "Tuesday's Gone."

Dojo Rat said...

No, I usually don't watch that show. "Tuesday's Gone" is probably the best and least represented song Skynyrd does. Everybody thinks about Freebird or Sweet Home Alabama, but they had so many good songs that nobody ever hears. Tuesday's Gone is definately one of my favorites, I've tried to get the guitar intro for years, but it really needs to be done on an electric guitar.
How about The Needle and The Spoon, On The Hunt, Simple Man, Whiskey Rock-a-Roller...

Sean C. Ledig said...

Those are all classics.

Your post brings up what I consider a huge problem with commercial radio. They seem to think if a song is good the first time they play it, it should be fantastic the millionth, billionth or trillionth time they play it.

The situation you describe with Lynyrd Skynyrd is so common. Skynyrd recorded about five studio albums and one live album with their original line-up. That's probably about 60 to 70 tracks. So why do they only play the same two songs, Freebird and Sweet Home Alabama, over and over and over again?

Or consider other groups, like the Rolling Stones. With dozens of albums, each with between 8 and 20 songs, that easily translates to hundreds of tracks. So why is it we only seem to hear "Satisfaction" or "Start Me Up" on the radio?

Sorry, but this is one of my pet peeves as a lover of classic rock.

BSM said...

Check and mate.