Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wim Demeere: Combat Sanshou

I'm terrible at updating my links list, but at the right of the blog you will see I have added Bruce Frantzis Energy Arts, a great resource for Internal Martial Arts and Chi development.
Also new to the list is Wim Demeere, a tough fighter out of Belgium. In this video, he demonstrates Combat Sanshou, including some really good applications of the Tai Chi Chuan form. Currently on Wim's blog he is featuring a preview of a pressure-point video by Loren Christiensen. Loren was a long-time fixture in the Portland, Oregon martial arts community. He was at one time the lead cop in the police gang unit, and as I remember, he had good negotiation skills and was well respected.
Wim's blog also has links to his other websites, check it out - it's a good surf.

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