Thursday, November 20, 2008

Odds and Ends

For news geeks like me that are following the meltdown of "The Second Republican Great Depression", take a look at the absolute best insider story of how this all happened at THIS LINK
--And I mean this is the BEST first-hand story of this crapfest I have read yet...

And in The Tai Chi Chuan department; take a look at Andrew Dale's compilation of "The Taiji History Of Seattle", at THIS LINK.
Andrew Dale has put together a thurough list of internal arts masters in Seattle from the early 1960's to present day, lots of big names and outlines the developmental process of the arts in the Pacific Northwest-- Good stuff!


AgentGenev said...

dojo rat,

why do you call this a republican depression?

clinton played a maaaaajor part in it. look up the repeal of the glass-steagall act, NAFTA and outsourcing - some of the biggest reasons america's a wreck all championed by clinton

Dojo Rat said...

You are correct about Clinton and NAFTA. My friends say Clinton was the best REPUBLICAN President since Eisenhower.
Glass-Steagall and the deregulation of the financial industry happened under the last two years of Clinton, when the Republicans controlled Congress.
I hated Nafta, and the telecommunications act that deregulated radio,tv,newspapers, etc. under Clinton.
But there is no stinkin' way that this current 10 year Stank can be laid on the Dems.
Sorry, historically the Republicans always throw a big party, and the Dems have to go in and pay the bill. Working class Americans have often been influenced to vote against their own best intrests.
Let's not fool ourselves; huge amounts of money was transfered from the working class up to the financial class in the last 10 years. This is a repeat of the savings and loan bailout under Reagan times 100. It is going to take years to attempt to recover from this mess, which has gone global.
Think of the lost pension funds, and even a scruffy guy like me knows people that have lost tens of thousands, in some cases millions in the last three months.
This IS the second Republican Great Depression, there is no way anyone can lay this on Clinton.
Senator Phil Gram (R) is the single most responsible person for the deregulation that sucked this economy down, and enriched the top 2% of the financial elite.

Dojo Rat said...

Agent (from your blog profile):
But look on the bright side; We are both Gemini's and you were born in the year of THE RAT!

BSM said...
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BSM said...

US Dominance Predicted to Slide.

Hand2Hand said...

Testify Brother DR!

You're right - Clinton was the biggest Republican since Eisenhower. Aside from throwing a few token, liberal bones, like his support for legal abortion and the Brady Bill, there wasn't a damn bit of difference between him and Reagan.

NAFTA was one of Ronald Reagan's ideas. Come to think of it, Reagan started us on this race to the bottom, repealing protections for American workers and allowing jobs to go overseas.

And Bush Jr. supports those all those same Free Trade agreements, too. Just consider his efforts to ram CAFTA down our throats.

In fact, it was a Republican congress that passed the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. If Bush is so great, why didn't he try to get congress to repeal it? Could it be because he also supported Glass-Steagall's repeal?

The biggest drain on this economy is that illegal, immoral war in Iraq and the $4 a gallon gas that went with it. That was all Bush. Clinton had nothing to do with it.

Just curious Agent Genev - When are you Republicans going to stop blaming Clinton for everything from the common cold to the economy? He's been out of office for eight years!

I realize you guys are just a bunch of sore losers because Clinton beat your guy in 1992, but get over it already! As bad as he was, he can't compare to Nixon, Ford, Reagan or both Bushes.

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

Point fingers all you want but BOTH parties are at fault. Pelosi screwed up so bad (remember Congress holds the checkbook ) that Osama even used her failure in a propaganda tape. To the effect of "the American people resisted this regime and elected a new congress .."

Now the IAEA is confirming what Israel has been saying all along. Iran has enough U235 for one bomb. I tend to think where there is smoke there is fire. As somebody how has been to Hiroshima 8 kilotons
is plenty big.

Don't get me started on Clinton. I used to work for the rat. He used the military more than any other president before him until this retard came along.

Here's what gets me about Bush and most all of Washington. Their "bail outs" give me money to people who screw me on my mortgage & charge me late fees.

Then they "fix" bankruptcy laws so it's near impossible to fix any credit problems. God forbid the banks eat the loss; they shouldn't have given credit to anybody with a pulse.

Here's my plan. Instead of $700 Billion of my money (taxes) going to people who rip me off anyway. Save $630 Billion and give each person with a Social Security Number $1 Million under the condition it pays off their debts. And save the money to kill "evil doers" ?

Obama to me is nothing more than "Welcome back Carter." Too new to the game to meaningfully effect the change we need.

Dojo Rat said...


You're right- we need bottom-up cash infusions and works projects instead of giving money to banks so they can merge into larger banks.
-and I agree about the weak leadership of Pelosi and Reed.
-But Republican strategest Grover Norquist said they wanted to "shrink government to the size where they could drown it in the bathtub". They did that by bankrupting the country.

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

I'm glad we agree I call it "trickle up economics"

Politically too, wanna get poked in the RIGHT (Republican) eye or the LEFT (Democratic) eye.

Which will be included in my DVD on the martial arts. Only like use the bad guys get no choice just poked ;-)