Thursday, November 13, 2008

Congratulations Jake Burroughs!

Well, well... look who made the big time!
Our old buddy Jake Burroughs of "Three Harmonies Chinese Martial Arts Center" has an article published in the prestigious "Journal Of Asian Martial Arts".
Jake's article is titled “A comprehensive introduction to Sun Family Taiji boxing: Theory and applications”, and this publication is one of the very highest quality martial arts magazines I have seen. (I guess I'll finally have to get my subscription now).
Jake has worked tirelessly to bring many high-level martial arts instructors to the Seattle area, including various seminars I attended with Tim Cartmell and Mike Martello. He has built a strong body of knowledge and his school is very hands-on and grappling oriented. If you are in the Seattle area and want to learn more about Jakes school and upcoming seminars, please check out "Three Harmonies Chinese Martial Arts Center". Good Job Jake!


Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

Off topic - Like my other posts.
Things are looking up here. I'm going to start work on a book and DVD to be released next year. I'm curious to hear what people would like to see.

Either post here or ask DR to contact me he has my email et cetera. By now I've talked enough smack I'm sure people will want to see me back it up. So give me your worst or best ;-). Especially you guys that worship at the alter of MMA.

I'll try to cover it, but I only have so much time. Unless it goes well and there is a volume two ;-)

The DVD will be about 45 minutes long and the book(let?) until my brain goes dry.

Want to see Dante stuff ask now. I'm one of the few that can teach it and won't even get sued! (Hi Floyd)

Sa Bum Nim C.C.Pieschala

Dojo Rat said...

Is your book / DVD going to be on Tae Kwon Do (Ji Do Kwon) old school? or on the Dante stuff?

PS, what's up with Floyd's movie??

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

It's going to be about my stuff and the core of what I teach. Which is like myself, "Complete lack of style"

Like a musician a martial "artist" is the sum of his influences. So it's going to be Mu Sul or general Korean martial arts. Sort of like this blog, more about finding what works for you.

On that note, John Keehan was an influence so of course some of that will be included. Also some of what I learned in Okinawa. No politics but real & effective self defense.

Floyd's movie? No clue there. It's almost a movie within a movie at this point. On a happier note Ashida Kim hates me; so I got that going for me. (Don't cry, I got over it quickly)