Thursday, September 18, 2008

Urban Combat #2

Back to "52 Blocks" and Lyte Burly.
I'm starting to like these guys, more for their presentation than their techniques however.
The first block he shows is valid and I have seen versions of this in Wing Chun and in Erle Montagues Taiji ("Peng-Hinge" block). I like his use of the elbows alot.
The second technique however, is extremely risky and I don't think you could use it against a good striker. Forgetaboutit! Now, that is not to say that you can't achieve that same position by taking the striking arm in a low pass and turn your shoulder into it. This does put you in a position to break the elbow and/or throw the opponent.
--We'll follow a few more examples of their techniques, coming up next...


Hand2Hand said...

Yeah, I dig their presentation. Nuthin' fancy. No slaves to tradition.

Yeah, I'm not too crazy about that second technique, but there's a lot of shit that other, established styles try to pass off as a good technique to use on the street, too. I've seen things in karate, tae kwon do, judo, kung fu that would get you killed if you tried them in a real brawl.

What they're teaching has a strong Filipino/Indonesian/Jeet Kune Do flavor. I gotta give them a lot of credit.

Bob Patterson said...

A version of that elbow technique was taught to me by the guy who gave me a wing chun/reality system crash course pre-taekwondo about 4 years ago.

I was taught to use it against a hook punch. When you do that it causes pain and also opens the attacker up for a quick back fist to the nose. You can also flow into a block if they are fast with their second hand.

I never even thought about slipping to the outside of a punch on this one and may have to play around!

Formosa Neijia said...

They're just repackaging stuff from CMA under another name. He even has vids up of him doing PH tourneys. I think the presentation is fine. The repacking is okay since he has his own spin on things. But I don't see anything revolutionary, probably because I've been doing CMA for so long.

AS you say, some of it is questionable with attitude thrown in so the bluster can overshadow the weaknesses.