Thursday, September 4, 2008

These Guys Got Balls; Part 2

Here's another Stability ball drill I am going to try; I really like the theme in this video as well as the previous Jujitsu video of constant contact with the training ball. The nature of the ball is to roll in circular motions, so it also helps the Taiji player move in circular motion. Stick to the ball, test compression, move in a circular fashion. Great for Push Hands, I'm gonna get one of these...


MARKS said...

This look like a great way to practise flow and sensitivity technique. I suppose for Wing Chun guys, this would aid in the chi sao also.

as a MMA practitioner, i can definitly see how this will help with grappling.

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

Since I'm usually "the Black hat" here anyway (no pun intended).

I've always believed the best way to develop these techniques is sparing and I mean where you get hit.

There is real science proving trained fighters over time their brains actually rewire themselves. Marines call it "muscle memory".

People can say what they want about TKD sparring .. but that's not the lesson. It is brain training, so you can see that telegraph .. or that thing you can't put a finger on. Bruce Lee's speed "skill, muscle memory & fighting A LOT."

In Chung Do Kwan and especially Ji Do Kwan, "Promotion through competition."

If you ever had the misfortune of watching "Human Weapon" because the Korean is the only guy who KO'd both of them back to back. Even that small and talented MMA guy who usually does well, got kicked about 6 times in the head before he could "shoot in". I do feel for him he messed up his knee.

Like the story of a Master when asked about his speed in a fight, he said, "I wasn't fast; he just moved in slow motion."

Oh before I hear about kicking in a bar not being practical, neither is rolling around in gravel and glass. Though I like MMA as a sport.

I'll be glad to discuss practical over some nacho's and a beer though.

"Practice, practice, practice .."

I'm not really the "sensitive type."

Hand2Hand said...

Hey Marks,

You don't know how right you are about using that ball technique in Wing Chun.

One of my sifus liked to stress that though it appears direct and linear, Wing Chun uses a circular energy when doing the blocks. To illustrate his point, he demonstrated a couple of Wing Chun blocks using a small playground ball against a wall.

When done with a circular intent, you can really cause the other guy's bridge to collapse, and then he's yours.

On a related note, I use bowling balls for some training as well. Ancient Chinese martial artists used stone balls for some strength exercises. I've priced those balls and found I could get the same results for much less buying some used bowling balls.