Monday, September 29, 2008

Jab-Hook Combo

Here is fellow Dojo Rat "Mr. T." demonstrating the "Jab-Hook Combo". I spliced together a longer version with more hitting, but for some reason that edit will not upload, so this is it for now. The idea is to move away from the opponents power side (cross punch) and move to the flank. Note how when you set the opponent up with repeated jabs, he will begin to reach to block them. That's the exact timing to move to the outside and hit with the hook.
Now, it just so happens that Nathan at TDA Training has recently come out of retirement, and he has posted a short sparring clip with this exact technique HERE. It's just how great minds think alike, Nathan goes into detail from his perspective on this technique, and the clip shows him pounding one of his training partners with the Jab-Hook Combo. Check it out!


Nathan at TDA Training said...

DR- Thanks for the link. I like the new series, obviously, and appreciate that you're doing it. There is some nuance and difference in what's being taught. I do appreciate that Mr. T has his rear-hand guard in the proper position while delivering the hook, and there's obviously plenty of power there. I can't wait to see more.


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