Monday, October 31, 2011

UFC Commentator Joe Rogan on Wall Street Protest

It's nice to feel I'm not alone in the martial arts community, Joe Rogan has just produced this video and I think it says a lot.

Here's Joes martial arts profile, on top of being an actor: (wikipedia)

"During high school, Rogan became a practitioner of of kenpo karate at age 14, then went to Taekwondo.[7] He eventually gained a black belt.[8] He went on to become a four-time state champion in Massachusetts, and In 1987, he was the USA Taekwondo U.S. Open lightweight champion.[9]
In 1996, Rogan began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Carlson Gracie at his school in Hollywood, California. After Gracie relocated to Chicago, Rogan later began training under Jean Jacques Machado, (a cousin of the Gracie family), eventually earning his brown belt under Machado.[10] In addition, Rogan holds a brown belt in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu under Eddie Bravo."

It's going to be a long winter, and the core groups will hang on I'm sure. I live in such a remote community I will probably only be able to donate money through the internet supply scene. Spring will come and the movement will blossom.

But Joe Rogan is a high profile tough-guy in our scene and his endorsement means a lot. That along with the military veterans that are joining on, I think there is a sea change in American politics occurring, and it's about time.

More to come, I'm sure.


Sean C. Ledig said...

Thanks for sharing this DR!

I'm a proud liberal/progressive who loves guns and practices martial arts. Unfortunately, most people involved in those activities tend to range from slightly right-of-center to Ayn Rand clones to slightly right-of-Mussolini. Most of my martial art friends, unfortunately, are rooting for the cops to "bust some hippy skulls."

I'm especially glad to see such a high-profile martial artist like Rogan on the right (not right-wing) side of history.

Journeyman said...

Nice one. You are definitely not alone. Maybe I'm just lucky, but pretty much all of my training buddies are 'on the Left' - it seems to go with the turf and I put it down to having a certain independence of mind and natural questioning of 'what is'.

BSM said...

Nice find. I recently had a spat over this topic with one of my conservative friends who is a financial adviser. Since our high school days I went from a republican to a liberal progressive independent. Something he still cannot fathom.

He made the mistake of sending me this video.

So I responded with a few comments and this snarky video.

He fired back a long response. I ignored it all but for this part:

"I guessed it might open a can of worms. The video while humorous, is indicative of today's youth. Catch a sound bite, oversimplify and fail to fully understand a complex subject."

My response?

"Yes, much like the video you shared with me."

We have since gone back to our agreement not to discuss politics. However, he's being dicky because he ended another correspondence on a different topic with, "groovy, man."

The read being I'm one of those "lazy hippies" he ranted about in his first e-mail.


Dojo Rat said...

Boy, I'd like to kick that guy Bill Whittle's ass (the first video your friend sent).
As far as your conservative friend, you should make him watch the documentary "Inside Job" about how Wall Street fucked everybody.

BSM said...


Yeah, no kidding. As for "Inside Job" I doubt he would.

We had a reunion of sorts last year in Chicago. He paid for the whole thing on his 6 figure salary.

On the topic of politics we mostly evaded and avoided. He did, however, say that he votes for the candidate that will make him the most money.

Philosophically I do not agree with that. At least he's an honest conservative so I respect that.

Sadly, all we have left are some childhood memories and early college memories. Sometimes people change and there's a LOT of water under the bridge now.


Once upon a time said...

Not sure the internet is the best way to vote or re-establish true democracy, only because the way the internet as it exists today is a system that can be hacked, faked, etc. If the internet were a purely open source system, then I might feel differently.