Friday, October 14, 2011

These Guys Are Gonna' Get In Big Trouble...

Phoenix Jones Stops Assault from Ryan McNamee on Vimeo.

From The Seattle Times:

"While self-proclaimed crime fighter Phoenix Jones contends he was breaking up a fight, Seattle police arrested the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement early Sunday after he allegedly doused a group of people with pepper spray."

Reader Jonathan wrote into the last comment section to let us know "The Superheroes" are in trouble again.
A guy who goes by the name of "Phoenix Jones" has led a merry band of delusional kids that go by the brand "Rain City Superheroes". We wrote about them on Dojo Rat in the past, and predicted big trouble would come to these amateur sleuths.
Sure enough, the video above shows Jones and his sidekicks approaching a couple of girls fighting, and he pepper sprays them.
Well, that didn't work and one of the girls starts pummeling Jones with her high-heel shoes.
Things get worse when before one conflict is resolved, the "Superheroes" mix it up with a gang of Russians before being rescued by Seattle Police as they flee into a ferry terminal.

These guys are nuts. They appear to have incited much of the conflict by inserting themselves and a huge can of pepper spray into the scenario.
The cops have had enough, and Jones is arrested.
He's lucky the cops came, they might not be there next time and the next gang might use guns.

But there's nothing so funny as seeing a "Superhero" getting punched and chased by a drunk Seattle chick.


BSM said...

Right on. If they are not careful the boyfriends of the Seattle chick will stomp a mud hole in them!

Sensei Strange said...

I must say his costume looks like a real super hero. Impressive.

His evasion was slick against the lady. He moves athletic.

Who can blame the guy. Media bombards us with superhero movies and lore. While he will legally reap what he sows, I for one think it is kinds interesting.

Dojo Rat said...


The Superhero known as "Anonymous" strikes...