Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Saito Sensei: Jo Staff Suburi

Since we are getting more into weapons forms lately, I pulled out one of my Aikido Jo staffs and started reviewing the 20 Suburi techniques developed by Master Saito.
The beauty of the Jo is that is easily carried as a walking stick in public, and the skills are transferable to a wide variety of improvised tools.
My favorite part of the series are the "Hasso Gaeshi" movements, which involve spinning the weapon and striking. These appear in the last part of the video.
The length of the Jo is said to be best if it reaches your armpit from the ground, but I also have a new Jo that is slightly shorter. It's easier to throw in a car seat and is a pretty handy length.
There are better technical video's available, but Here is the Master at work.


Anonymous said...

Interesting to compare/contrast against the following use/application.

BSM said...

I've not been introduced yet. Pretty cool how it's a derivative of the sword!

You should see me with the bokken -- man I doth sucketh!

Jonathan said...

I remember you posted about these guys, I don't if you've seen this yet:

hermann said...

as a lontime reader of your blog, I'm a bit disapointed that I can't the yt sources of your inbeded vids. For example the jo vid is really something, but I don't know how to find on YT.
Would you help?
Hermann from Taiwan

Dojo Rat said...


Usually the url is listed at the end of the video. That should take you to the YouTube.
I also think you can click on the video (bottom right corner?) and it should take you full-screen to YouTube.

Let me know if this doesn't work, I'll try to post the link.

hermann said...

Oh, ok, many thanks!
Found the url at the end.
How you train your pc gongfu? Mine isn't up to task often, too old, prefering free time on the matts, lol!

Dojo Rat said...

I have very basic computer skills, mostly learned by accident!