Friday, December 24, 2010

The Reason You Never Want Dojo Rat to Play Santa

Because I'm actually "Satan Claus"...

Come on, You want some'a Santa!!!





Reindeer, Other Animals Get High On Magic Mushrooms, Scientist Claims


Zacky Chan said...

There's a reason why little kids are only told what Santa does on Christmas night! Santa Claus really is larger than life eh?

B said...

All I will say is that if you do play Santa I want to be one of your elves.

That county jail won't know what hit them!

B said...

You might want to see this one:

Dojo Rat said...

Oh Dude;
There's a ton of Santa fights on ther, I should have checked them out!

Steve Perry said...

Evil, John. Happy Christmas!

Kostas Tountas said...

Season's greetings John! Hope you are well and putting that saloon to good use...I don't suppose any of the "Bad Santa" photos were taken in that very establishment ?