Thursday, December 2, 2010

Man Being Evicted For Living On His Own Land

Now this just really, really pisses me off.
This guy is hurting Nobody.
For shits sake, he's living on 36 acres. There is no animal cruelty issue. There are no heaps of garbage. He doesn't appear to be destroying his neighbors property value. My guess is somebody wants his property and is leaning on him.
-Look, I live out on the west coast. I've lived in Barns, tents, tarps, school buses, campers, trailers, abandoned cabins and primitive shelters.
That's how half the hippies in Amerika get by. Haul your water. Build an outhouse. Maybe have a generator or solar power.
I wonder if it was a communal farm if the county would treat it differently?
This guy needs a good lawyer...


Charles James said...

DR: Loved the final comment, "If they can get past the dog, they could come anytime."

Reality, the county ain't gettin the money from having all those amenities, that is the real issue here.

mr.alobar said...

I agree with you DR

Once upon a time said...

"I wonder if it was a communal farm if the county would treat it differently?"

Surely.. then the ATF or some other "authority" would get involved because there are terrorist organic farmers on the loose oh my!