Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fun: Leave It To Beaver

Don't worry fellow Dojo Rats; we will still be having our "Cute Hippie Chick Of The Month" feature on September first. This is an added feature for August--

You know how many cities have art displays where they take figures of animals like cows or pigs and have local artists paint them in creative ways?
Well, it seems that Bemidji Minnesota chose the Beaver. Sounds harmless, right? I mean, who doesn't love a Beaver? -- From "Mother Jones":

"Bemidji, Minnesota—The most controversial piece of public art in the state of Minnesota sits on the corner of 4th Street and Beltrami Ave., in downtown Bemidji. For now. When I asked for directions at the Blockbuster outside town, I was told it had been moved. When I asked again at the supermarket, I was told it was no longer there. "But it's exactly what they say it is," said the teenaged boy at the deli counter, stifling a laugh."
"I sit out here and read a lot. I eavesdrop—and I've only heard one negative comment. They said, 'That's disgusting!'" She rolls her eyes. "I mean, obviously it's a vagina…"

Hmmmm... More at highlighted link above...

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Zacky Chan said...

biggest damn beaver I've ever seen