Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Combat Throw Transitions

Well, it was time for "Drinking Dojo Productions" to produce another short video, this one on transitions in combat throws.
These are three of the many, many variations of throws we learned from Tim Cartmell at seminars on Bagua, Xingyi and Tai Chi Chuan. These three work very well in a transition, changing strategy as an opponent resists a throw.
The first is out of Bagua and is a spiral-type throw. First you move away from the arc of the opponents hook punch and counter at the same time. As you rock him with your simultaneous block/punch, you grab his arm tightly to you, joining centers. In this version I sweep his leg slightly, but you can simply plant the leg and use it as a fulcrum to spin the opponent around and down.
The second is a Xingyi-type knock-down. The opponent throws a right cross. You parry that and counter with an arcing palm strike, If the opponent blocks, you step behind him as you entangle his arms. You sit into your Kua (hip inguinal crease) and rotate as you throw. A similar technique is also seen in Tai Chi Chuan "parting wild horses mane".
The third Bagua technique is again against a hook punch. This time you pass the arm in a tight arm drag across the opponent's body. This turns his body on it's vertical axis. You then sling your arm in a heavy fashion over the opponent's shoulder/collarbone. This is a "sticky" technique that the Chinese call an "Ox Tongue". Once again you join centers with the opponent and this time spiral him back and down.
After you are familiar with each technique, you try to transition between them (or others you know) and flow with your opponent. You fill up the space between you as he moves, and throw accordingly.
I didn't want this video to run too long. There are tons of alternate throwing variations, but I think everybody will get the idea.


Man of the West said...

Excellent video. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

Steve Perry said...

Yeah, good stuff.

Bones said...

Nice video . I's seen all the throws before, but not put into a drill like that. I'll definitely be trying it next time I can find someone to throw! :-)