Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Review: "The Gift Of Danger; Lessons From Aikido"

There are thousands of older, middle-aged folk out there that take up martial arts training, and Mary Stein is one of them.
In "The Gift Of Danger; Lessons From Aikido" Stein provides a social narrative on gaining confidence, partner interaction, and the path to self-improvement through the martial art of Aikido.
In this passage, she describes "finding a rhythm" with attackers:

"As they come, you can be there for the whole thing- the meeting, turning, and joining, the throw, their descent to the mat, all the way to the end, even if you linger there for only a fraction of a second before preparing for the next attack."

Stein continues on, comparing the action and rhythm on the mat with her struggle to learn Japanese from a audio tape, repeating each phrase, matching the rythym and moving immediately on to the next phrase.
In this way, Stein weaves the lessons from Aikido into her daily life.
"The Gift Of Danger" is inspirational for not only older people who take up martial arts, or women in martial arts, but to students of Aikido in general.
It's a short, sweet read that many may find of interest.

This book was provided for review by Blue Snake Books. You can find this and hundreds of other martial arts titles at their website highlited above.

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