Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fun: Odds and Ends

Ahh, the end of the work week-- time to cut firewood, play Guitar, and double my Beer intake.

But let's take care of some "Odds and Ends".
First, The Odds:
Hello to all our friends at Halliburton Corporation and Lockheed Martin. My stat counter says you've been checking in regularly.
I mean, sure I get ISP's from .Gov and .Mil checking in all the time. But hey; the "Free Market" defense contractors can snoop too!


Lockheed Martin

And "Ends"
Our ol' buddy Fess Parker passed away yesterday.
Yes, I'm old enough to remember watching all the "Daniel Boone" shows. Clean, exciting and with a strong moral message, "Daniel Boone is what all American boys in the 1960's watched.
And yes, I had a "coonskin hat".
Got it at Disneyland.

Have a good weekend, and drink lots of Beer!
P.S.- You guys at Halliburton and Lockheed; please don't invade anybody this weekend.

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Ed said...

That show was great - as I remember as a kid. I need to see about getting a look at them again. Later when I saw Star Trek - I had wondered if Mingo was a relative of Nimoy - they looked like they could be.