Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cute Hippie Chick Of The Month: Olympic Edition

OK, I knew everybody would be in a panic cause "Cute Hippie Chick Of The Month" is a day late, but better late than never!
-This is the Winter Olympic edition, and the only good thing about The Winter Olympics is girls in tight ski outfits! And the good thing about tight ski outfits is they gotta come off at some point. Here's America's sweetheart Lindsey Vonn after she has slipped into something a little more comfortable:

Nice contrast...
And the lovely Snow Bunny pictured below is Lacy Schnoor:

And of course after a long day of conquering the slopes and curves, Lacy needs to get out of those wet clothes:

But that's not all, there's more Olympic news!
*** Best Quote***
Downhill Skier Bode Miller: "I party at an Olympic level"
And the Canadian Women's Hockey team goes for the gold-- "Molsen Gold" that is:

Ahh, poor girls. Everybody is giving them crap for coming out on the ice after their big win... drinking Beer and smoking cigars.
Hey; they're Canadian!
Look. I live on an island that is closer to Canada than the mainland U.S.
I know Canadians, I have drank with Canadians, I am an honorary Canadian. Canadians party hard, eh?

Time Magazine has posted this article:
"The Vancouver Games: A Gold In Drinking"-- Here's a few snips:

"Two minutes. That's all it took for an intoxicated Canadian to start badgering me."
"...let's face it: if public intoxication were an Olympic sport, Vancouver and Whistler would own the podium."
"Throughout the Olympics, drunken revelers have overrun the streets of Vancouver. Local hospitals are reporting spikes in emergency-room visits for alcohol-related sicknesses and injuries; most of the intoxicated patients are males between the ages of 15 and 24. In Whistler, the partyers have turned what should be a cozy village into rows of frat houses in need of soundproofing."
"These must be the drunkest Olympics ever."
"Granville Street itself is unlike anything I've seen at an Olympics." And he noted that all the drinking has led to a lot of public urinating. "I've personally witnessed about 8 to 10 guys whizzing at once along a fence half a block off the main street," he said. "It's like the infield at the Kentucky Derby."

Yes, I knew there was something good about The Winter Olympics...


Toldain said...

Hey DR! I grew up in Birch Bay, and visit my sister in Bellingham still. We are staying far away from there for the Olympics, because we couldn't manage the arm and leg required for tickets.

Anyway, I always thought you lived on Whidbey Island, but that's definitely not closer to Canada than the US mainland. So did you stretch the point, or do you live somewhere like San Juan or Orcas Island?

Dojo Rat said...

That's Top Secret,
I can niether confirm nor deny...

daniele.perkele said...

That's why I love the moive "beerfest ". They should arrange drinking Olympics, so that professionists in this field may practice their art and stay away from other sports!

BSM said...

Beer Olympics? Hmmm....

Steve Perry said...

I know that full frontal nudity is beyond hippie chick of the month, but I confess I found this site fascinating:


Dojo Rat said...

Steve; you're teasing us!
The link doesn't work for some reason.
Send it again!

Steve Perry said...


Journeyman said...

"These must be the drunkest Olympics ever."

All I can say is wait until 2012 when the Olympics come to London. I ain't proud, but we Brits still lead the world in certain fields ...

Sean C. Ledig said...

Pretty good, DR. But I always thought of skiing as somewhat elitist. I would think a good hippy chick would be more of a snowboarder than a hippy.