Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sensei Strange Resolves Conflict

I hope everybody can take the time to read this short piece by fellow Dojo Rat Sensei Strange, Here's the LINK.
Strange, who's Mother calls him "Eric", is my long-distance drinking buddy and fellow internal martial arts practitioner, as well as being a magician!
In the true spirit of Budo, Sensei Strange resolved a potentially serious situation with compassion and martial arts skill.
This story should serve as a lesson to the adepts of overkill and armchair UFC-types, please go to the link and have a look.
I shall hoist (another) cold Beer in your Honor, Sensei Strange!


Sensei Strange said...

Wow, an honor to be featured on the Dojo Rat page.

I am glad you got that out of my experience. I spent the next few hours thinking about how many martial artists would have taken a more extreme route, and then it would have been bad for everyone.

Steve Perry said...

I probably would have tried a muscle pass with a coin to get his attention and if that didn't work, tell him we had to run because the aliens were almost there ...

Nice job.