Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chump Norris And The Road To Anti-Government Violence

Former respected martial artist Chump Norris has come out with another anti-government screed, which you can read HERE.
In it, he basicly says everything that the Republicans caused in the past eight years is actually the result of President Obama who has been in office for some ten months.
To prove this, he uses selective quotes from Adams, Jefferson and other founding fathers. I suggest Norris, who would like to see Texas drop out of the United States, might have thought about quoting the founders when the country was lied into the Iraq war, secretly and illegally wiretapped, and the banking system was de-regulated to the point where our entire economic system collapsed. All under Republican supervision.
Now that 70% of the country has spoken and shifted the political landscape by electing Obama, the lunatic fringe on the far-right is approaching violence, with the so-called "conservatives" fomenting civil war.
Things are getting serious

Census worker found hanged; 'fed' scrawled on body
A U.S. Census worker found hanging from a tree near a Kentucky cemetery had the word "fed" scrawled on his chest, a law enforcement official said Wednesday, and the FBI is investigating whether he was a victim of anti-government sentiment.
The law enforcement official, who was not authorized to discuss the case and requested anonymity, did not say what type of instrument was used to write the word on the chest of Bill Sparkman, a 51-year-old part-time Census field worker and teacher. He was found Sept. 12 in a remote patch of the Daniel Boone National Forest in rural southeast Kentucky.
Lucindia Scurry-Johnson, assistant director of the Census Bureau's southern office in Charlotte, N.C., said law enforcement officers have told the agency the matter is "an apparent homicide" but nothing else.

Come on people; we know everyone is angry and worried about the future of the country. Unfortunately, with clowns like Chump Norris and Glen Beck (and the rest of his Fox "News?" circus), that mis-placed anger is not looking at what caused this country's problems, it's being directed at Obama who is trying to clean up the mess. There is no shortage of racist rage bubbling just below the surface, something we should have seen coming.
But hey, this is 2009, not 1909. I thought we'd grown up a little bit.


Toldain said...

I used to have a lot of respect for Chuck. But now he's a fool who's become a tool.

Martial Development said...

Hypothetically speaking...if we rely on birthers, teabaggers and secessionist crazies to resist totalitarianism, then we Americans have all failed.

Man of the West said...

D.R., as a conservative Republican, let me first mention that I don't hate you for posts like this. :)

I generally enjoy reading your political commentary in spite of vigorous disagreement; I don't generally engage, so to speak, because you're typically raising more points than I have time to dissect. So usually, I just read it and either go, "Hmmmmmm. I'll double-check that," or "Hmmmmm. Hadn't heard that point of view before," or "Hmmmmmm. Clearly one beer too many." But there was one thing in this post that really attracted my attention:

...70% of the country has spoken and shifted the political landscape by electing Obama...

70%? I'm a little bit curious. I don't doubt that you've seen that figure before, but I don't recall things being quite this way. Wikipedia has the '08 election results: Obama 52.9 % of the popular vote, McCain 45.7%, which, though admittedly decisive, doesn't come very close to 70%. I don't think President Obama has quite the mandate you think he does. Seems to me that a rather large number of people voted for him not so much because they understood what he wanted to do, but because they were (justifiably) sick of Republicans. This seems to be reflected in the reality that his approval ratings--which I understand were about 70 % at one point, that may be what you are thinking of, I guess--are falling, down to about 51-52 % at this point. Even the Daily Kos' polling shows that a majority of the country thinks the country is headed in the wrong direction. Whatever mandate for change he had appears to be slipping away rapidly. It seems to me that the country is pretty evenly divided, not that 70 % want to go where Democrats, including the President, are leading.

Just an observation. I really am a bit curious.

joewitness said...

The Republican party had its ass handed to it in a sling over the past two national elections, for very good reason. It's leaders (?) are international laughingstocks. Palin can "see Russia from her house!!". Limbaugh is a heroin, er, I mean oxycontin addict. And the list of sex scandals coming out of every hole in the "family values" party is so long it takes a flow-chart to figure out.

Faced with a corporate juggernaut seeking to protect its grotesque insurance profits, and to continue socializing its banking losses onto the American taxpayers, yes Obama's ratings are slipping. With massive overt and covert (astroturf-roots) media spending attacking him daily, it's inevitable, because too many Americans were denied sufficient education to teach them critical thinking skills, due to the nationwide defunding of education under Nixon, Reagan, and the Bush dynasty.

I respect fiscal conservatism. I just wish Republicans had actually practiced any over the past 25 years. They didn't, and my young nieces will be paying for the Bush Family wars, tax cuts, and banking deregulation for the next 50 years. All thanks to Republican voters, the conservatives who can't be bothered to actually conserve anything.

Anyone who calls themselves Republican without feeling embarrassed these days, either isn't paying attention or is too stupid to understand what they're seeing. Not that the Democrats are all that much better - ultimately it's rich vs. poor folks, and the sooner you figure that out the better - but the Republicans have so clearly betrayed their own supposedly conservative principles that the term "Republican" is meaningless.

At this point, the Dems are showing far more actual fiscal sense than the Republicans ever did. They're busting hump trying to solve the nightmares created by the Bush Family tax cuts, wars, and deregulation, and yes, spending money and incurring debt to do so, as if there's any real choices to be made. All while the Republicans stand on the side and throw spitballs at the people trying to clean up the shitpile they left.

Republicans suck. Hard.

BSM said...

What Joe said:

"I respect fiscal conservatism. I just wish Republicans had actually practiced any over the past 25 years. They didn't, and my young nieces will be paying for the Bush Family wars, tax cuts, and banking deregulation for the next 50 years."

I make it a point to tell anyone who tries to defend or rationalize the last eight years a version of what Joe said.

People lost jobs, the economy is in the crapper, the Middle East really does hate us now, and the next generation will probably spend decades fixing and paying for this clusterfuck.


BSM said...

Oh and before I forget:

Chuck Norris is indeed a dilrod.


Man of the West said...

Well, gentlemen, you certainly handled that inquiry with grace; and all without the slightest hint of vitriol, sarcasm, or animus.

Thanks for taking the time to vent. I trust that you feel better now.

Sean C. Ledig said...

Testify DR! Great post!

The fact is, the Republicans are just a bunch of whiny sore losers. If they can't win at the ballot box, they'll be happy with trying to hamstring a popularly elected Democrat and keep him from what he was elected to do.

We saw it with the eight-year Whitewater Witch Hunt and we're seeing it now.

As far as Texas, I say let them secede. Who the fuck needs them? They don't have any oil anymore. True, there is a lot of good music from Texas (Steve Earle, ZZ Top) and a great arts scene in Austin, but that's not reason enough to keep them.

Besides, when Mexican troops overrun the state in an attempt to reclaim it for their own, they'll be begging to come back.

And Toldain, I lost all respect for Norris when he created his line of "Lone Wolf" cigars. Proceeds from the sales of his cigars would benefit the "Kick Drugs Out of America" foundation.

So he's selling drugs to fight drugs.

BSM said...

Man of the West,

I repeat what Joe said:

"I respect fiscal conservatism. I just wish Republicans had actually practiced any over the past 25 years. They didn't, and my young nieces will be paying for the Bush Family wars, tax cuts, and banking deregulation for the next 50 years."


Sean C. Ledig said...

Amen BSM and Joe!!! Testify brothers!!!

As Benjamin Hoff said in "The Te of Piglet,": Have you ever noticed that conservatives never seem to conserve anything? They don't conserve natural resources. They sure don't conserve money.

I've always been opposed to the Iraq War, but if you are going into a war, the American people should be expected to make sacrifices. That could include foregoing tax cuts or SURPRISE! even a tax increase.

Sending troops anywhere isn't cheap.

In a nod to the Republicans, I have to say that I blame Lyndon Johnson. He's the guy who started this whole concept of "guns and butter" where we can go to war and not expect the American people to have to sacrifice any of their comforts.

The Republicans of the past 30 years took Johnson's idea and ran with it. Now, our children will be paying off the National Debt for generations.

Dojo Rat said...


I see you prefer to split Butt-Hairs on statistics instead of acknowledge that very dangerous activity is being encouraged by the far right. Nutbag congresswoman Michelle Bachman went on a rant about how the Census Buearu is taking names to put people in concentration camps. Now a Census worker is found- supposedly murdered. Glen Beck says Obama hates white people. Rush wants segregated school busses. People are bringing assault rifles to Obama town halls. Hmmm. You couldn't even wear a "stop the war" t-shirt at a Bush rally.
So lets get back to splitting butt-hairs on statistics. Here's a few:

"First, and there's a no duh aspect to this, presidential elections aren't decided by number of states won. In 2008, Obama netted 365 electoral votes, trouncing George W. Bush's 2004 total of 286. And despite the fact that Bush was an incumbent, he managed only 50.7% of the popular vote, less than Obama's 52.9%. More Americans voted for Obama (69 million) than any other presidential candidate in history, including Bush in '04 (62 million).
Last November, the American people gave Obama expanded majorities in the House (+21) and Senate (+8), the first time that a new president has been given that much legislative power to enact his agenda in many decades. Not even FDR managed to pulled that off in 1932 -- the GOP controlled the Senate in 1930. Obama's coattails were longer than Eisenhower's in 1952 (+22, +2), and though Reagan's 1980 total congressional haul was greater, he failed to take the House away from the Democrats.
Back to Obama's 52.9% of the popular vote in 2008: it was the largest majority since George H.W Bush in 1988, and greater than Reagan's 50.7% in 1980. That's right, a higher percentage of Americans voted for Obama's Democratic agenda in 2008 than for the "Reagan Revolution."

You fight the wrong battle, sir. Statistics are meaningless in the context of the original post. Perhaps you could address the volitile nature of the issues I posted about.

Steve Perry said...

When it's hard to argue a point because your opponent has a better handle on it, then you sometimes resort to misdirection. There are slew of debate tactics that try end run somebody who has the edge truthwise, one of which is to ignore the salient points and set up strawmen that are easy to knock down.

Nothing wrong with this approach. If all you have is a rock instead of gun, that's what you use.

Back when I was a private eye, I went to court to testify in a divorce case. In that state at the time, the only way other than physical assault to get a directed divorce was adultery. Our agency caught the husband staying over at his girlfriend's house several nights running. We had dates, times, photographs of him coming and going, and once saw the couple walking naked in front of a window.

The guy's attorney knew we had him, so his questions amounted to those we called what-color-were-his-socks? queries. He asked a bunch of stuff we didn't know, just to get us saying that -- "I don't know." The assumption was, if we said that enough, it would make us look like we weren't really paying attention, and our observations suspect.

It didn't work.

Yeah, 70% is over-generous. But that's the wrong point to fasten on, and MOTW did so because the others are a bitch to argue. You'll find a lot of R's who will give a go anyhow, but it is a bitch because they simply don't have the weight of evidence.

It's a valid tactic. It just doesn't change the really bad stuff at all.

Dojo Rat said...

Even if Obama won by 52%, I would suggest there is another 18% out there that didn't vote that support him.
Republican strategy is to win by suppressing votes.
I hope MOW will read my previous rebuttal, I do find him an enjoyable sparring partner!

joewitness said...

No, "Man of the West", I do NOT feel better. It will take 50 years or more to recover from what you Republicans have done to this nation through war, banking deregulation, and tax cuts for the rich.

I will NEVER forget what you and your fellow "conservatives" (hah!) have done to this nation.

Man of the West said...

I read them all, DR, I read them all...

I was just curious where the figure came from, that's all. As I said in my first comment, I don't typically engage these posts because there's just more to deal with than I want to take time for. For example, at this point, to respond adequately to you and the others, I would have to research and analyze what Michelle Bachman has been saying, whether or not Chuck Norris is advocating armed rebellion, whether or not you have interpreted his column correctly, whether the census worker that was murdered was murdered by some alleged conservative or by some meth-making weirdo, whether or not it's fair to characterize opposition to President Obama's policies as based in racism (see here if you're at all interested in my thoughts on racism), whether the "birthers" can legitimately be called the "far right" or whether they would more accurately be described as nativists, what Glen Beck has been saying, whether the current economic debacle has its roots in banking deregulation or in government interference in the mortgage business compounded by private mismanagement, whether or not Sarah Palin is an idiot, whether or not Rush Limbaugh is a heroin addict and whether or not he's been saying that he wants segregated school buses (that's one where I have to wonder; I drive a lot, and listen to Rush almost every day [don't make the mistake of thinking that I agree with him on everything], and I don't recall having heard that. Must have missed it, I guess.), whether or not Americans are dumbed down (I agree that they are) because of education defunding, whether or not the whole of the Republican Party can be fairly characterized as plagued by sex scandals, how that compares to the record of the Democratic Party, whether "fiscal conservatism" may be correctly said to be achieved by adjusting taxes to meet expenditures rather than by adjusting the expenditures to meet tax receipts, and even what was in my mind--as apparently at least a couple of you are mind-readers.

Look, I don't take any of it personally. But Lord have mercy, I don't have time to do all of that.

It's no secret what my thinking's like. Anybody who cares to can peruse my blog--maybe start with the "popular and/or important posts" section, and find out, rather than, on the basis of my Republicanism, decide that you have the totality of my thinking figured out.

Like I say, I was just curious about that one figure. In the end, I got my answer. Again, I'm not mad at you, and God willing, maybe we'll meet for a beer sometime.

Dojo Rat said...

That's cool Bro.
I just think it's good for us to chat this all out.
But- some really crazy crap is going on. If some crazy punks cut loose and cause a serious problem, I will lay it in the lap of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter and Glen Beck.

Can you imagine how the Bush cartel would have delt with people bringing assualt rifles to public meetings???

Scott said...

I went to a Tea Party in April. It was 75% working women in their 40's and 50's wearing business suits. For some reason they think they shouldn't have to pay higher taxes.
I listened to Rush talk about the violence that white kids have to deal with from black kids on the bus. He nailed it. They need protection! (You can hear it yourself on Youtube.) I know, I took the school bus in San Francisco for 3 years. The more people who listen to Rush, the more people say, "He's right! That happened to me!"
Heck, last year I went into a public school to teach Kung Fu after school and two black kids came over to me talking all sweet. All of a sudden one of them starts screaming, "He called me a Nig--r!" Then the other kid joined in. Next day parents of one of the kids started threatening a law suit. The staff new it was bull shit too but they didn't even punish the kids. Exactly what my sisters and I remember about going to urban public schools. Rush nailed it.
You'd have to be fool to send white kids to that school, much less want to teach there.
Who's not paying attention?
Who is stupid?
Oh and Guns at Tea Parties. Well I doubt it but...Excuse me, my Father was a the official represenative of the Black Panther Party to the banks. He was friends with Huey Newton who took a copy of the Constitution in one hand and a Gun in the other and marched on the Capital (Sacramento). But hey that's history, that doesn't count right....

And on a personal level, D.R. is it possible that you took me off your blog list because you can't handle the fact that I pointed out to your readers you always give the free books Blue Snake Press sends you positive reviews? Like even when the books are pieces of shit like that one on Xingyi and the Chinese Army.
Knowing a little history is not a right, it's a responsibility.

Dojo Rat said...

If I took you off my bloglist it's because you constantly get in fights with people on my forum.

Too bad. I like some of your Taoist stuff. Idon't think you walk the walk though.

There are some books that are so bad I don't even review them, the ones that I do have some merit.
There is an important historical perspective to the book you mentioned.

Good Bye.

Scott said...

D.R. I respect your opinion, even if I don't agree with it.
As to getting in fights, yeah, that is my nature. But taking me off the blog list hasn't change that.
I ask you to consider this:
While civility is a necessary component of any good discussion, debate or learning experience--heat, contention, and flashes of steel are too.

Truth seeker 213 said...

Why is it that everytime someone criticizes the president, people always revert back to the profiling tactic of right wing, left wing, extremist, conservative, etc?

You're missing the point entirely. It's not just Chuck Norris that's angry with the president, and it has nothing to do with the Presidents race, religion, political party, etc.

Explain to me, if he is such a fine example of the democratic process at work, why he has done a complete 180 on EVERY pretense and promise of his campaign. He promised to end the war in Iraq. Now he's sending more troops AND pushing into Pakistan. He promised he wouldn't hire lobbyists for his administration. Yet he has filled it with nothing BUT lobbyists. He promised that congress and Americans would have 5 days to review any proposed bill before it's put up to vote. Yet he's attempted to pass SEVERAL bills covertly, without even giving congress a matter of hours (let alone days) to review the material and see what exactly they were signing the American people up for. This is just the tip of the Iceberg.

If you think Obama is anything more than a front man and a puppet, you are sadly delusional. Bush was too. As was EVERY OTHER president in recent history. I hate to break it to you, but the people who we NEED to aim our anger towards are the ones pulling the strings. The Bilderberg group. The world international banking cartel. The so called "Global Elite". Democracy is already dead for one blatantly obvious reason. THEY CONTROL BOTH PARTIES. Wake up people. Quit buying into the propaganda, and think for yourselves.