Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Variations On A Theme

The Dojo Rats

This was such a great opportunity for all of us to share ideas, I know I learned a lot!
Above is my original technique, which I learned from Aikijitsu Master John Clodig many, many years ago. I'm sure it has morphed a bit since he taught it.
My reason for not going straight to a cross-grip as Sensei Strange does is that I am about to get hit by my opponents other hand. I have to beat him to the punch, and begin to generate motion for the technique. Strange comments that he prefers not to change grips, which I can understand.
Now let's take a look at Sensei Strange:

Sensei Strange
You gotta love how these guys adapt and move. As I said above, Strange prefers not to switch grips, which can be risky (changing grips, that is). Instead, he uses a cross-grip to generate motion for the technique.
My only thought about that is there is inherent risk in getting hit by the opponent's other hand, so you really got to start some serious motion with this method. But these guys take the technique further, with different grips and different motion. I love the one at the very end, it has an element of Bagua in it to me.
Good job guys!

Mokuren Dojo
Pat over at Mokuren opened it up to the whole class to experiment with. The students in the White Gi and Black Gi come very close to my original technique, and Black Gi adds some nice touches for the takedown (circling behind opponent, is that Irimi technique?).
-And here I thought Dojo Rat videos were banned in Mississippi! (Wink,wink)

This was a grand experiment, and I hope we all can continue to share these ideas.
Thanks also to the folks that wrote in suggestions.
-Here's what I am going to work on from the suggestions;
Increase motion, work to operate more at arms length (I was a little crowded in Kote Gaeshi), and I think I'll try some alternative takedowns as Pat's video showed.
Sensei Strange: If I go to the cross-grip, I still think I need some kind of minor strike to set it up. With a non-compliant opponent I'm not sure they would let me get the grip without hitting them to loosten 'em up.
Thanks guys!


Patrick Parker said...

I enjoyed it, and got a lot out of it (including a new digital camera ;-)

I didn't properly credit the guest stars in my video. In my vid, among other regular students, you can see Sensei John Wood visiting from Seattle ( Andy Sims of Epic Ramble fame ( I think in some of the clips you might be able to see SJ seated on the edge - frequent commenter on Johndo blog - also gracing us with her presence.

Everyone did great and even though some of the old heads seemed to be thinking "What the hell is this DojoRat poop" I think they learned something by the end.

Sensei Strange said...

Irimi is not circling behind. Irimi means entering. This is usually seen by moving through the space a person occupies.

The only word i can think of that fits the motion you described is Tenkan. I am sure someone else might pop in with a more accurate term.