Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Don't Try This At Home, Kids!

We must never, never, never try to mix it up with somebody that can handle a blade like this.
Here our old pal Bobbe Edmonds demonstrates just how dangerous a knife is in the hands of an expert. I'm sure he'll wish I used a different video of his because he is trying techniques from a different system, which is "Piper" out of South Africa. None-the-less, you can see that in Bobbe's hands, the blade takes on a life of it's own and is very, very lethal.
To close this series of knife posts, I thought we should see an image of the kind of damage the business end of a blade can cause. Believe me, there were some other images that were so graphic I could hardly look at them:


Steve Perry said...

The Piper guys -- Jason and Lloyd and all -- have developed their system from several sources, notably prison-style assassination techniques. It is nasty, and it is based on stuff that works. (I don't know all the other inputs, but there is some silat in there, because some of what they do looks like some of what we do. Of course, any art that works is going to wind up doing some things similar, or the same, because that's the nature of the physiology. Some will be shaped by other factors -- cultural, for instance -- but as I like to say a punch is a punch. There are only so many ways to throw it efficiently. )

We tend to use a little more foot work than Bobbe is demonstrating at the beginning levels -- get out of the way if you can; go in if you need to, and sweeps or besets after you control an attacking kinfe -- but you'll notice he's not leaving his knife arm out there to be blocked or grabbed, he's using his backup hand to clear and check all the time.

This is a blade-against-blade demo. Imagine that the guy trying Bobbe is empty-handed, and how well that might work.

That constant motion is part of our pukulan stuff, too -- you can do it bare or with a blade -- and real old-style.

Sensei Strange said...

Ouch...damn, point taken.

Oops that is a good unintentional pun!

Wim Demeere said...

FWIW, When Lloyd came on the Animal list all those years ago, I checked his story with a corrections officer in S-Africa. He claimed there was no such thing as a prison-style knife art.

Might mean something, might mean nothing.