Monday, July 20, 2009

Bagua Practice, And Video Upload Question

Well, this is some of my Bagua practice, Sun Xikun lineage as taught by T.Y.Pang.
Video is such a great teacher, it allows us to be our own worst critics. I look stiff and old, but hey, I'm just stiff and old.
Here's a comparison from winter 2007:

--So I guess I've made a few improvements.
I've got more video coming up, but maybe somebody out there can help me with these questions:
It's taking me over three hours to load a six-minute video. I tried for five hours last night to upload an 11-minute video to the Blogger video option. It never loaded.
Will YouTube actually upload an 11-minute video, they say 10 is the limit.
Any other ideas?


Simon's Place said...
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Martial Development said...

Google Video and other services will accept longer clips.

Rick said...

I guess you ARE really old; you're just walking around in circles. :-)

Sensei Strange said...

I think you have connection issues. I have had some upload problems lately too. If you can watch videos, it should upload fast, like within a few minutes. If it is taking a long time there are too many gremlins. Try again later.

The parting wild horses mane took me 10 tries over a few days. Finally the gremlins forgot about me. Either that or get off the dial up connection.

Dojo Rat said...

Actually, I'm not on dial-up, I have DSL, even out here on my undisclosed remote island hide-out.
Perhaps it is still too slow. It takes almost an hour to load a three minute video...

Steve Perry said...

Nicely done. The short push-hands stuff is neat, too.