Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Push Hands Takedown

Here a couple of Dojo Rats are working on a takedown out of a simple push hands drill. When Corey says "eggs under your armpits" he is refering to the idea of not letting your arm collapse against your body, keeping the "Peng" by the imagery of holding an egg under your arm.
Notice when he seizes the opponent's arm, he begins with pressure on a straight arm bar. As he rotates around the opponent's body he folds that arm into a "chicken wing". He then draws the foot out in the sweep, and finishes the opponent off.
These short videos load so much faster!

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Wim Demeere said...

Cool, that's a nifty take down. Here's something you might also enjoy:
This is some of the entry level "push hands to application" stuff we do.
Paul's one of my tai chi brothers up in Sweden. Really great guy.

Keep the clips coming!