Monday, July 6, 2009

The Education Of Wannabeebee

Oh man, this just cracks me up;
I usually don't respond to cranks making off-the-wall comments about our videos, it just goes with the territory. But I just couldn't resist with this one by Wannabeebee on the video above:

Wannabeebee: I cut the beard boy
I try to cut the beard boy!
After the guy with the beardl lets your arm go boy!
You go home boy
Tail between the legs boy
Wannabeebee: One rear naked choke would suffice.
Saves all the moves doesnt it.

(Me): Not if your opponent is struggling to get out,
This drill teaches to adjust to the reactions of a resisting opponent, but then you're stuck in your Mom's basement playing video game fights you probably wouldn't get it.

Wannabeebee: Regards your comments about basements well we dont have them here and porn video games I leave to you.
Just remember to you watching to much porn removes energy for training

Wannabeebee: Shows how much knowledge you dont have of combat doesnt it.
First off people dont start out with a grab like that unless they are none fighters in which case there would be no point in
busting them up.
Apart from that the moves are ok.
Dude, believe me if I put on a rear naked choke the opponent would not get out.

And he keeps going...

Wannabeebee: Hmmm looks like you do have some knowledge of combat.
Well dont presume others dont.
Anyway nice video on your home page.
I think that would be better shown being practiced against a good boxer.
I am training one at the moment.
Fast hands

He's watching our other video's

Wannabeebee: Opponents can struggle all they want.
Rear naked choke applied rear naked choke is on.
Mom dont have one
Basement dont have one
Video games dont play them
Now we have that out of the way what is your base art?
Is this guys base art wing chun?

Wannabeebee: His base art is Bagua?
I dont know. I see some good moves. I see some nice stuff. I dont see it being applied to some experienced street fighter or street fighting applications.
Now I havent studied any chinese arts but I see some good stuff.
So I think I would like to study bagau.
No teachers here.

Wannabeebee: Back ground
Karate( not the watered down crap)
Army (combat)

Wannabeebee: hi
Neutralize With The Shutdown
I think you or the guy in the video is open to getting head butted with that shut down.
I think he needs to have his head down and looking through the top of the eyes then if a head butt comes the head butter will head butt his face.
You guys have some nice moves. Reality applications might not be present but I think with some adjustment what you have is good.
I would like to study/ practice bagau.
I am a 53 years old ex soldier.
Any suggestions?
No teachers in the UK, at least not where I live.

Note: his YouTube page says he is 29
(my response): Hi Wannabeebee:

We all have backgrounds in Kenpo or other Karate styles, but have moved into the Chinese Internal Arts, Tai Chi Chuan, Xingyi, Bagua.
The Kenpo still comes out. Lots of Western boxing also.

You cracked me up, so you made the Dojo Rat Blog today


kenposan said...


Yeah, I love a good rear naked choke as much as the next guy, but wannabee talks like it's the only technique on the planet.

Dojo Rat said...

You gotta love it though,
He has sent me a few more notes and is pretty sincere.
I think he is a new recruit to the Dojo Rat blog. Perhaps he will cross technology and detour from YouTube to here for a bit...

Dojo Rat said...

And head butts seem really important...
Granted, they are the perfect tool for tight clinch range, but ...

BSM said...

Even the UFC folks use more than just a rear naked choke.

Does wannabe realize that recruits to the D.R. Blog are required to grow a ZZ Top beard?

Tell him we expect photos...