Friday, April 24, 2009

Russel Crowe Stars In "Dojo Rat; The Movie"


Coming to an imaginary theatre near you, the blockbuster movie of the spring is "Dojo Rat; The Movie". Russel Crowe plays an aging martial artist in a small ecclectic Dojo of misfit hacks.
Crowe: "It's my best action role since Gladiator"

Crowe as Dojo Rat, running away from Cops

Corey "The Brown Dragon" provides an electrifying performance

Nick Nolte as aging boxer Tommy T.

Brad Pitt as an injured Zacky Chan

And guest starring Vin Diesel as Seattle Kingpin Jake "The Burro"

Brought to you by BEER IN A CAN

***Sorry guys, lots of inside jokes here...


Martial Arts Mom said...

I love it. I guess I'd like Uma Thurman to play me in the "Martial Arts Mom"

BSM said...

Nice one.

Collin Ferrell probably cusses as much as I do but he's better looking.

John Malkovich is a possibility but it'd be hard to pass him off as knowing martial arts.

Doubt I'll have a movie made about me anyhow.

JAB said...

DAMNNNNNNN! We had to go with Vin Diesel???? I guess it is better than Cash Cab;)
Have a good weekend guys!

Brown Dragon said...

It is truly an honor to be breaking into the motion picture production industry... I'd just like to thank all the Dojo Rats that suffered immensely at my hands. I could never have done it without you...

Dojo Rat said...

How about John Malkovich in "Being Bob Patterson"?

MAM: Definately Uma Thurman!

Sorry, I tried to get Yule Brenner.

Brown Dragon:
Ah yes; the fetid stench of your secret "Brown Dragon" technique (I believe it's "Brown Dragon blows fire from cave")has punished us all for years!

Martial Arts Mom said...

You forgot the disclaimer "No Dojo Rats were harmed in the production of this motion picture"!! LOL!

Dojo Rat said...

Actually, I think a few of us did get hurt at times!