Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kent Howard: Leg Trap And Counter To Leg Trap

Leg Trap
Once again, I've really been enjoying these video's produced by Bagua instructor Kent Howard. In this first one, he demonstrates leg traps using the T,L, and V steps from the Bagua palm changes. I used the inside trap during a freestyle push-hands match Monday, just to disrupt my partners balence followed with a push. I could have taken him off his feet completely if I chose to, and it reminded me how vital these traps are when you are in close quarters.

And here he demonstrates the counter to the leg trap with a nice little partner drill. Thanks Kent!


Dan said...

Interesting, I've seen very similar leg trapping in silat as well.

YouTube Example

Wim Demeere said...

The second clip reminds me of Bob Orlando's old video, in which he shows leg maneuvres.

If you like the leg trapping, check out his Fighting Footwork DVDs. In there he breaks it all down into minute detail. GREAT stuff.