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April- Cute Hippie Chick Of The Month: A Brief History Of Hippie Chicks

"Wandervogels Abschied" by Fidus, 1900

Ah-- yes fellow Dojo Rats, it's time again for our regular feature "Cute Hippie Chick Of The Month".
This time, we take a look at the origins of the "Hippie Movement", such as it is.
Let's begin with this really great article "Hippie Roots & The Perennial Subculture". This is a legenthy and somewhat inspirational historical perspective that takes us back to the Pagan ethos of the German Folk at the turn of the last century. Yes, you read that right. The Hippie Chick (and Dude) movement started in Germany. The article states:
"Thus the religiosity of the Indo-Germanic people, whenever their nature can unfold itself freely, emerges only in that form which religious science has described as "nature religion" or "earth religions". To remove the German soul from the natural landscape is to kill it. The Romans knew this so once Christianity had become the state religion of the Roman Empire their missionaries were eager to chop down the German forests and set their temples on fire.
Whenever the church encountered Pagan elements that it could not suppress, it gave them a Christian dimension and assimilated them. These ancestral traditions were reinterpreted and revised, but the church never succeeded in effacing the German Pagan heritage".

Celebrating The Sun, 1926
The Pagan spirit of the Germans became the "Wandervogel" movement of the 1920's, with youth roaming the countryside playing music, clad in wool, swimming nude and establishing "Nests" and "Anti-Homes". Popular literature from Goethe to Hesse was heavily influenced by the emerging movement. From the article:
"the "Wandervogel", was founded in 1895 by Hermann Hoffmann and Karl Fischer in Steglitz, a suburb of Berlin. They began to take some high school students on nature walks, then later on longer hikes. Soon a huge youth movement that was both anti-bourgeois and Teutonic Pagan in character, composed mostly of middle class German children, organized into autonomous bands".

In the 1950's and 60's, Germans who moved to the United States brought the Wandervogel spirit with them, and were called "Nature Boys". Many lived in warm climates where they could camp and forage food from the wild. Many abstained from alcohol and caffiene and ate only raw foods. This was the dawn of the natural health food movement of today. As far back as 1896, these were the goals of the original Wandervogel: Particularly:

1. vegetarianism
2. nudism
3. natural medicine
4. abstinence from alcohol
5. clothing reform
6. settlement movements
7. garden towns
8. soil reform
9. sexual reform
10. health food and economic reform
11. social reform
12. liberation for women, children and animals
13. communitarianism
14. cultural and religious reform: i.e. a religion or view of the world that gives weight to the feminine, maternal and natural traits of existence
(D.R.) Pretty foward thinking, Eh?
And finally, the so called "Hippie" movement saw fruition in the fertile 1960's:

Hippie Chick and Surfer Dude on the island of Kauai, 1971
So, we conclude our salute to the "Brief History Of The Hippie Chick" with another historical photo:

Germany, 1916

For more information, go to the article at this link.


K T said...

An interesting history; I had no idea that the Wandervogel movement had ever even existed.

As you noted, some fairly forward-thinking, except (in my opinion) for

1) abstinence from alcohol
2) emphasis on the feminine

Alcohol should be used, not abused. And there should not be emphasis on either feminine or masculine - each has its place in the greater picture. Nor is one "better" than the other.

Anyway, great post - makes up for previous "Hippie Chick of the Month" postings.

Dojo Rat said...

I think that the abstinance from alcohol was simply part of the intense raw food diet and a clarifying of the spirit they were seeking.
- I myself am not on that path.
As far as shift to the divine feminine, that is back to the true Pagan roots and was obviously a rejection of a male dominant society at the time. Remember, even in America women couldn't vote at one time.
P.S., Thanks again for the DVD's, I watched Mcneil and Painter yesterday and am working my way to the Silat.

Hand2Hand said...

I'm all in favor of abstinence from alcohol as long as that is the lifestyle you have chosen for yourself. I'm against forcing one's lifestyle on others.

Personally, I don't drink anymore. But I don't have a problem with other people drinking as long as they do it responsibly.

Like KT said, it's an interesting history. I'll have to read up on it more.

Steve Perry said...

Interesting stuff. Of course, as an old hippie, I was there. I mean, I think I was. (You know what they say, if you can remember the Sixties, you weren't there ...)

Dojo Rat said...

Actually Steve, I thought you might have been the young German guy with the classical Guitar <;-)