Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thief Throws Down Challenge

Alleged Des Moines burglar challenges victim to fight; winner takes all

A man who is alleged to have taken another man's property from his house in a recent burglary has challenged the victim of the crime to a fight, Des Moines police are reporting this morning. The winner takes all.
Seymour Gray, 66, of the 1100 block of 13th Street in Des Moines, told officers a man broke into his house last week and took two laptop computers, a desktop computer, a fax machine, VCR and some tools.
Gray said he knows who did it. He added that the man called one of his relatives and admitted taking the items from the house.
Police said in a report that the thief will give the property back only if the Gray challenges him to a fight. The alleged thief told police whoever wins would get the stuff.
The burglar has a 10-year age advantage. But that still puts him in his mid 50s.
No arrests have been reported. The case has been turned over to detectives for further investigation.

(D.R.)-- Who says there's no honor among thieves...


Ikigai said...

Robbing someone and then making them fight you...that's the business!

This old guy needs to take up a hobby like model cars or boats inside a bottle.


Toldain said...

The challenged gets choice of weapons right? I would choose four policemen and an assistant DA.

Hand2Hand said...

Damn you Toldain! You beat me to that point! (LOL)

FYI: Syndicated columnist Charlie Reese wrote a great column in 1985 endorsing legalized dueling. He said it would cut down on a lot of the lawsuits, loose talk, inuendo and gossip that are so prevalent today.

I say "Amen Brother Charlie!"

Dojo Rat said...

Yeah, what happened to the old days when people had a mutual fistfight and nobody got sued?