Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Aikido vs. Bat

Sammy Franco Bat Defense

Here's an example of how an internal art differs in defensive patterns as opposed to a more linear defense. Both are effective, but one completely "goes with the flow", and the other chooses to close and engage.

And here's one from a Krav Maga system


Charles James said...

Hi, DR

The first one is nice but unrealistic in that seldom do attackers on the street come charging at you full speed with a bat while you are unarmed.

The second two are more realistic for the street, in my humble opinion for which I always seem to have them, since the attacker with the bat or stick who has the superior position is more deliberate. The defenses seem that way as well in regards to street defense.


Dojo Rat said...

Hi Charles;
We had similar discussion in the previous Bagua post comments. Aikido does appear to use long range attacks because the defender can use a great deal of centrifugal force in their technique.
As Jess O'Brian commented, in an actual confrontation as opposed to a demonstration, the technique would shorten up considerably. Demonstrations by their very nature must allow the observer to see the technique, which is why long, commited attacks look good.
I did like the pain level demonstrated by the Krav Maga guy, his partner was really hurtin'!