Thursday, October 2, 2008

High Pass - Bagua Fan-Jang

Here we are working on the "high pass", also seen as Fan-Jang in the Bagua system.
The idea is to move outside (away from) the power curve and not take a hard block. This is more of a parry with one arm and taking over with the other, sometimes called "feed the tiger" in other systems. The "shutdown", or pinning the opponents arm against them is a critical technique. This is why we work to keep our "Peng", or "ward-off" expanded and full in push hands. The armbar is a good example of "Rollback". The Backfist is just the start, of course you would continue pressing on with repeated strikes or a takedown.
We may focus on the first technique, "The Shutdown" in another video, because it is such an important technique for controlling the opponent and taking their center. We'll also look at a couple of good takedowns and arm breaks to experiment with, stay tuned...


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Nathan at TDA Training said...

Pretty fascinating DR. The pass move is something that we use in Arnis/Filipino MA as well, which was the only place I'd really seen it until now. It's great for weapon disarms as well as transitioning into other techniques as you're doing. Love it. - Nathan

AgentGenev said...

hi dojo rat,
after 3-4 years of jkd and muay thai, followed by 1 year of qigong,
i'm now learning the combat applications of internal martial arts and your site is great!

i have a question for you, you often mention seattle and washington in your posts. is your dojo around here by any chance or do you know any good teacher in the area?