Wednesday, May 28, 2008

They Must Not Have "Cups" In Thailand

I'm putting together a lengthy post that will be very interesting, coming soon...

Also, check out the Black Taoist Youtube on the Memorial Day Brawl in Union Square, I don't think the level of fighting is that great (most of us could kick their ass) but the spirit of competition on the open streets is pretty cool.


Bob Patterson said...

Yeah you're right. The white guy could not lead with his head anymore unless he tried. At least he keeps his hands up.

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...


I'll be the guy breaking bricks. I can't find any decent ones and the ones at Home Depot have like marble gravel or something in them. So I'm only going to do a few ..

I can only hope the guy from the rival store shows up. He pulled a bat on me about 2 weeks ago. Afterwards, I smoked a big cigar in front of his place just to rub it in (no I didn't get hurt :) ). Long story ..

It's great to be in my element!!!

Click the image .. Those posters are going up all over Chi-town!

And help Floyd! Free therapy, an email or whatever you can. He deserves respect and admiration because the little man fought back in Federal Court and though it not on paper .. Won!

We need more people like that.

Cheers for indulging me in the movie plug DR.