Saturday, May 24, 2008

Attack At Fast-Food Restaurant

Absolutely shocking.
Just when you least expect it, violence occurs. This display of fury and anger reminds us that as martial artists, we must always be prepared for a confrontation. This poor guy was just standing there, waiting for his "Happy Meal". Out of the blue, a restaurant employee snaps and attacks the unwitting patron. I'm sure this is grounds for a lawsuit. Thank goodness cell phone cameras are everywhere now, as evidence of this shamefull attack has been recorded.
What would you do if you were attacked in this way? What if you were standing in line waiting for your own "Happy Meal" and witnessed this brutal attack? Have you experianced a similar attack? Clowns can be very scary.
Self defense suggestions are welcome...


John Vesia said...

Throw coffee in his face!

Nathan at TDA Training said...

Couple of points:
1) the attacker has his back to the wall, but it seems the victim has some room to maneuver. He should do so, instead of trying to go straight back - always try to use angles
2) the defender's balance has been broken. He obviously needs to drill using his flinch reflex and work at maintaining a balanced posture. No one can block or strike effectively from an unbalanced posture.
3) another idea to learn from this incident is the dive position universal block, which can be an effective launch pad for a simultaneous counter.

Nice one DR!

Bob Patterson said...

I would fall over and "throw" my back out. Then I'd apply a move I learned from the inmates many years ago: The dreaded lawsuit.

After that I would not have to work and could afford to travel and train.


Nathan at TDA Training said...

Nice Bob! Hey! You guys are very smart! Like my neighbor who's on "disability." He's on his ATV, chopping wood, hunting, does mechanical repairs on the side, etc. I always wondered how I could live that lifestyle. Now I know!
Please hit me again, sir! I want some more.

Dojo Rat said...

I'm beginning to think it may be a matter of gang affiliation. Note how the reastaurant employee is sporting red-and-white stripe gang colors.
The beat-down patron has red-and-orange gang colors on. I'm sure he didn't realize he was wandering into enemy territory...

Hand2Hand said...

The victim looks like he had Wing Chun training, but he held his bong sao too high and looks like he held it out too long.

He should also not try to anticipate what the opponent is going to do. While he's watching that clown's soodoo/shuto/tekatana he could be leaving himself open to a kick or an attack from the clown's low hand.

I only hope he lived to tell of his experience.

Martial Development said...

The attacker has a wide stance. Better to meet him in the dining room than in the restroom.

Dojo Rat said...

Martial D. :

Ha,ha,,, Shame on you for using a Larry Craig reference!

H2H: it definately looks like the clown is using a knife hand strike-