Thursday, May 29, 2008

Help Floyd And Count Dante !!!

Come on all you cool cats!
Time to help Floyd Webb complete his documentary movie on the life of John Keehan (aka "Count Dante"), one of the most notorious American martial artists that ever lived.
I just sent $25 through pay-pal, it was easy and painless and Floyd will be returning the favor with DVD's and possibly other goodies when the film is completed.
Be a part of history!
Help support "The Deadliest Flim-maker Alive" as he documents the life of "The Deadliest Man Alive"!
HERE"S THE LINK to Floyd's site, and be sure to go to the main page for several new posts about the mysterious death of the man of mystery.
Check it out now!

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floyd webb said...

Thanks so much to those of you who have sent money to support the making of the film. Every little bit helps.

Those of you who donate will receive ongoing updates and specual little appreciative perks when I can manage it.