Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What I Did While My Computer Was On Vacation

Greetings fellow Dojo Rats, I'm Baaacckk!...(I think).
Old computer: Dead
New computer: Still growing up and learning. Be patient, this scene is not quite together yet.
--But just as the Kanji for "Crisis" is the same Kanji for "Opportunity", we must look for the bright side of every disaster and grow from it.
Here's a few things I did while my computer was on vacation:

1. Played my guitar, ukes, banjo, and even dusted off the mandolin. I had more time to practice and learn new songs. My wife loved it for the first twenty minutes, then probably wished I had a computer.
2. I became a "Soils Engineer". I have 750 feet of open trench for my water, power and phone lines to our building site. We dug it two weeks ago with a trencher. Then we had to clean the trench by hand, as the rains caved it in everywhere. Then we had a snowstorm, and the ground remained frozen for another week. Last weekend I finally got the rest of the lines in the ground and as of today I am awaiting for the inspector to show up. Umm, mud...
3. Did a little more reading on a couple of martial arts-related books that I intend to review on Dojo Rat.
4. Got to the work jobsites on time. It drove my employees crazy.

So, despite being away from the Net for a while, it was somewhat refreshing and gave me somthing to look foward to when I got the new computer hooked up. Nothing is quite set up correctly yet, but I'm back with new posts later this week!


Nathan Teodoro said...

Welcome back DR! You've been missed. I know we're all looking forward to more posts and the book reviews. Hope you get one up for the next Carnival on great MA books.

uchi deshi said...

Welcome back, DR! Sounds like you make good use of your time off. I really liked your Matsuyama vid!