Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Buck Stops Here

Hunter Gets His Ass Kicked By Deer - Watch more free videos

Ha,ha-- I just had to put this one up...
I have a friend named Al. Al is strong as hell, wrestled on his college team and was also competitive in Judo. When he hangs sheetrock, it's a sight to behold-- Al is an "animal".
He's also an avid hunter. One night he and his girlfriend were driving to a party held at a clients house for the construction crew that had just completed their project. It's down a long gravel road crossing some swamps, and half-way down, there was a big Buck and a couple of Does standing in the middle of the road. Al inched the truck up till he was almost touching the Buck with his bumper, but the Deer wouldn't move.
Well, Al took off his wide-brimmed hat, got out and grabbed the buck by the antlers and tried to Bulldog it to the ground. Both animal and Al hit the gravel, locked in a death grip. His girlfriend, a beautiful and petite Thai girl, tried to help him, as the Bucks hooves kicked her shins (she showed me the cuts).
As he's telling me the story, I asked him "Al, what the hell did you think you were going to do? Pull out a knife and stab him or something"?
Al said all he could do was hang on. Eventually both animal and Al were exausted.
Me: What happened?
Al: I let him go.
Me: Was he hurt?
Al: His neck was pretty sore, and he staggered as he walked away.
So Al and his girlfriend got back in the truck and went to the party. Only Al had his pants completely torn off him and distroyed by the Buck kicking him. They had to ask the hostess if she could loan him something to wear for the party, and he would return it later.

--And that's how Al got that nice pair of pink sweatpants.


Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

He lucky it wasn't mating season!

Andy said...

I have no idea how i missed this over the last two weeks but i laughed so hard i cried. Things like this probably happen all the time in my home state, and it's only fair i think.

Man vs. deer in a fair fight i'd take odds on the buck.